Saturday, October 03, 2015

Jindal Naturecure review

Thanks to Arvind Kejriwal whose visit to Jindal for cure of perennial cough did a word of mouth promotion of Jindal Nature cure thus increasing my waiting period to a whopping 6 months!
I visited the centre for treatment of Cervical Spondylitis for a fortnight.
Of course I got an additional free 'obesity' diagnosis. The centre was a 'mini Delhi' of sorts with so many from the capital visiting for various ailments.

Now coming to my stay and treatment..
As nature cure is all about drug free treatment I am amazed at the variety and choices offered here and the way things are planned down to a tee. The staff and dieticians are well trained and help you with the day to day grind.
The treatment comprises series of Ayurvedic massages/basti/packs, diet, physiotherapy, acupuncture, exercises, walking and yoga. Everyday revolves around awesome organic food, healthy juices, herbal teas, supervised fasting, periodic doctor consultation and occasional cultural programs. Attending Yoga sessions is a must as attendance is tracked and would come handy when applying for extension/ further visits.

Good stuff:
  • My doctor Dr.Jayalakshmi was very patient and spent sufficient time clarifying doubts and I learnt a lot from her in particular about how not to eat.
  • Fasting is an Universal remedy and I now appreciate the value of it.
  • Loved the laughter session which had good role plays, rhythmic Yoga sessions, meditation and pranayama.
  • Amazing time sense and most activities happens on dot.
  • Aerobics, disease specific yoga sessions, eye care classes were super good.
  • I made great friends and we got connected like a house on fire.
  • If coming from Bangalore, metro from Malleswaram till Jindal is an economical and convenient option. Auto from station to the centre costs ~30 rupees.
  • Physiotherapy is really good, inexpensive and the therapists guide you by teaching exercises to strengthen neck, shoulder and back muscles. I was glad they told me to be off traction, IFT as depending on equipments too much is very bad for our pocket. They taught me some free hand and teraband exercises.
  • Health museum is very informative and the format is well presented.
  • Laundry is affordable, parlour is decent I heard, stores have good options and they have convenient sachets that even free ward patients can afford.
  • There are witty one line captions placed as placards which convey message of nature cure. I particularly like this ' Chew your food like your stomach has no teeth', 'Fruits cleanse your body, vegetables build it'
  • There is access to restrooms every 500 meters so drink water as much as you can, as often as you can ;) 
  • Minimal use of plastic. Make sure you carry a thermos flask, bottle to avoid drinking green tea/hot water in wax coated paper cups.

The bad:
  • Many people coming for 'just weight loss' makes genuine ones with acute ailments wait.
  • The whole discussion revolves around 'how many days and how much of weight loss'. There is more to life than just this and sometimes it irks me.
  • Some people are nosy at times with personal questions like 'Are you married? Do you have children?' When I mention no kids yet, quick comes another one - how many years into marriage, how old are you? I am very uncomfortable with people advising me too much on pro's of having children early in the marriage. Life is not all about making out day in and day out. Not that it is untrue but I feel its better these things are not rekindled and going through a phase where I am have been bombarded with these queries from my folks, the last thing I wanted was for random strangers to induce stress by reiterating the same.
  • I lost 5 precious days thanks to my menstrual cycle overlapping my stay and I had to frequently request for extension which they would let you know only 3 days prior to your scheduled check out. There is uncertainty till the last minute and causing some confusion about my rejoining at workplace. My request for 1 week extension was sliced into 3 and 1 day respectively. Decided to not get further extension as I started missing my family.
  • During first visit it takes time to orient ourselves in campus and I took 2 days to figure out things by myself. Talking to someone who has already visited helps to a great extent.
  • I used to miss afternoon juice due to sessions overlap and there is no information that you can take it from diet centre. Juices matter so much when you are fasting, you see.
  • Some massages were just okay but I did not want to give feedback to the coordinator as I am sure the masseuse got tired of doing the same thing over a period of time.
  • Usage of paper cups could be avoided/minimized if they ask people to bring their own insulated mugs
  • Carry hair dryer. Very much needed thanks to constant hair oiling.

Overall I enjoyed my visit and would love to take my husband there. If not for the long waiting time things could be much easier. Carry unique bag so that your bag can be spotted easily. Carrying a small backpack helps dump towels and other paraphernalia.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Multi cereal delectable dosa


Rice Flour     - 3 quarters (3/4 cup)
Wheat Flour  - 1 cup
Oats              - 1 cup (Roasted and finely powdered)
Rava             - 1 cup
Butter milk    - 2 cups (sour, if available preferred)
raw jeera      - 1 tea spoon 
finely chopped green chilies - 2 (optional Adjust according to taste)

Water - to the consistency of dosa batter

Corn Flour - 3/4 cup
Ragi Flour - 1 cup

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Method of Preparation:

In a large bowl mix all but green chilies and jeera and blend it to the consistency of a dosa batter without any lumps. Add salt,chilles and jeera according to taste.  Once all the ingredients gets along well, leave it for half an hour to ensure soaked rava  dissolves and becomes gooey. Tastes best when this batter is prepared in the morning and left it to turn sour. Heat the non stick pan  spread the dosa batter quickly by sliding the pan using the handle. Ensure that you don't slather the batter using a lentil.  Allow the dosa to bake both the sides and tada! it is ready. This is karacha dosai for you :)
Dosa baked on one side

Batter just spread using tava holder and without slathering 
With mulagai podi!

Can be had without any side dish or mulagai podi or onion tomato chutney. Best when served hot, with one out of frying  pan and onto the plate. ;)

Do note that Corn and Rice flour are thickening agent. It has to be in lesser quantity compared to other cereals.

Your yummy delectable and healthy breakfast is ready.

Credits for this recipe : The best cooks my mother-in-law, my sister and Rama aunty.Additional inputs from Rama aunty. Thank you folks.

My first stint at blogging recipes. Tasted yummy or yucky? Please leave a note.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A weekend trip to Mysore

I had recently been to Mysore and would like to share my itinerary.
Our round trip was train journey.  Hired a cab and kick started with Chamundi Hills, Church, Srirangapatnam 
( Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Tipu's palace, Sangam ), Nimishamba Temple. Spent some time in Rangantittu bird sanctuary, followed by Balmuri and ended the day with Brindavan Gardens.

Day 2 started with breakfast at Nalpauk and a visit to Vantikoppal temple followed by sight seeing in Mysore Palace.  

Had a nice trip :)


Friday, May 27, 2011

Death Wish

Please hold your thoughts before you come to some conclusion. This post is no way suicidal. Just got bogged down today after missing my train by whiskers to attend one my bestie Mahathi's wedding. This is an aftermath :)

Kalpana's blog post inspired me to mull over the subject of death.  I try to emulate her and subscribe to her opinions. Copied her post title blatantly for lack of my creative thinking.

If I knew I would die in some days/weeks, I wish to lavishly spend all my savings travelling extensively. Idyllic Switzerland is one of my favourite destinations, thanks to Sound of Music climax which made me fall in love with Europe (I can see you wondering if I don't want to leave anything for my children/grand children). If I am all dandy I wish to trek during the course or relax in God's own country Kerala.

Having lost Priya to Leukemia and Bala Attimber to Kidney failure (miss you guys) I wish any iota of money left (aka Insurance) to be given to organizations which accommodate people with such ailments or research institutes which work on these subjects. Whatever parts can be utilized in me be given to needy. I have already registered for eye donation with Narayan Netralaya and likewise wish other parts be donated as well.

I don't have a great fashion sense. My cousins, friends or sister can pick the ones they like or best give all the clothing, footware to any orphanage.

Gadgets that are good enough to hand over be given to Make a wish foundation. The plethora of novels that I have be given to my friends Sathish Chandran, Sathish Ganeshan, Kavya and Bhaswati. Hope you guys circulate it amongst your friends.Swaminathan gets to keep the Malgudi days collection. Naveen Chander and Karthik gets to keep all technical books (even if you don't want to). I wish Swati  to have my unbrittled  imitation jewelery. Shiv to get my car ( If I get to own one)

Mom gets to keep my gold jewelry for I know how much she struggled to get them for me. Dad, I don't know what to leave behind for you but I know of nothing materialistic to be given to you. Sister, you get all my crockery sets.

I wish my greeting cards be preserved by Karthik. I cherish each of them gifted by friends and family. Please don't discard them even if you don't believe in them.

Dad, don't make every one go through the elaborate rituals and performing monthly or annual ceremony. May be you can give that amount to any temple you wish to.

For all my folks who love me I would say 'Life goes on, no matter what'. Don't spend too much of your energy crying or thinking about me. Think of all the joyful moments we have had and share your stories. Take care of my pets if I get to tame a few. Please don't have a portrait (mugshot?) of me hung in your room and make yourself miserable.

Dig for all the snaps we have been in. Make collage of them with some graffiti's and recollect the incidents whenever you look at them.

Adios amigos! 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stressed out, Really?

Certain things bring about calmness in my mind. Just penning them here.

A long walk along the beach, sea breeze brushing my face, stroking my hair gently. Sitting there in solitude and gazing at the waves, its gushing sound reminding me that I am not alone

Watching sunrise or sunset and observing the canvas Mother Nature created in the sky. The hues, the pattern, the calmness...Ah!total bliss.

Watching movement of a school of fish or petting a dog

Standing for a long time in the balcony, overlooking the bustling streets, devotional songs from an adjacent temple being played in the background, the fragrance of camphor, the chirping of birds...

Watching Tom and Jerry, laughing out on the pranks played by Jerry. An assurance that no matter how much destruction one does to another or how smudgy the characters become, they bounce back to normalcy.

Whipping a recipe of which I have got no clue, concocting with available veggies and spices

Writing about something I have no idea of, like I am doing right now

Playing with my neighbour's kid and being a part of all the pranks

Waking up early the morning and taking a walk along the park

Practise writing with my left hand

Waking up at 4 AM and meditating. Thinking of nothing in particular

Standing near a bouquet shop and looking at the colorful flowers delicately packed awaiting to be spruced up in someone's home

Drenching in the rain intentionally, turn the umberlla topsy turvy making paper boat and letting them afloat merrily

Come home after a long day at work and make myself a mug full of masala chai

Walking or sprinting as much as possible, that too aimless and without any direction, figuring out new routes, new vistas. I usually get down 2-3 kms before I reach my destination when I feel like
and explore new lanes.*
Learning a new language and trying to get better at it by talking

Which one does calm you. Share it across. I am all ears :)

Feel serene. Adieu.

*Work in progress

Monday, February 14, 2011

My love!

My dear valentine!
   You came into my life like a whiff of fresh breeze!You have been my strength for 6 years now. A little naughty, that baby like smile, those chubby cheeks, those sweet nothings, that inquisitiveness to tickle me all the time, feeding me food like a baby, being my pillar when I need the most, a soft cushion to lie on, your patience in teaching me anything and everything, those drives with you, holding my hand when I am nervous, those hearty laughs....

This post is to tell you how much I love you, how much I miss you. Our love turned into a strong commitment and a healthy relationship. You are one of the best things that happened in my life. Happy valentine's day sweetheart!  Wish you a great career and rocking life ahead. A big bear hug to you.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lost in a crowded place

Why do I feel so lost?

When I talk to a person only to realize their concentration is on music on the FM radio

When I chat with a person only to realize they are busy sprucing up their farm or city or fish tank

When we have dinner together only to find they are engrossed in watching a movie than asking how was your day

Why have I rejected something that I have always wanted though it came in a different flavour, color and texture? For good or worse?

Why do I expect everyone to acknowledge things the way I want it ?

Why am I smiling superficially when my heart cries internally?

It feels like everyone is around, but no one to give a patient hearing, no one to pat my back, no one to reveal my emotions with.

You find yourself in a market place with people of different ages around, the kids chirping, elders busy shopping yet I long for spotting someone very familiar to me, who would come running towards me with a ear to ear smile and ask me my whereabouts.

*This post is partly fabricated