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Jindal Naturecure review

Thanks to Arvind Kejriwal whose visit to Jindal for cure of perennial cough did a word of mouth promotion of Jindal Nature cure thus increasing my waiting period to a whopping 6 months!
I visited the centre for treatment of Cervical Spondylitis for a fortnight.
Of course I got an additional free 'obesity' diagnosis. The centre was a 'mini Delhi' of sorts with so many from the capital visiting for various ailments.

Now coming to my stay and treatment.. As nature cure is all about drug free treatment I am amazed at the variety and choices offered here and the way things are planned down to a tee. The staff and dieticians are well trained and help you with the day to day grind. The treatment comprises series of Ayurvedic massages/basti/packs, diet, physiotherapy, acupuncture, exercises, walking and yoga. Everyday revolves around awesome organic food, healthy juices, herbal teas, supervised fasting, periodic doctor consultation and occasional cultural programs. Attending …