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A Bachelor's story

After taking a sabbatical,here is a short story.

He stood still looking helpless, totally stymied by what had happened. It was so unexpected…so sudden…life sure can throw unpleasant surprises at you, he thought miserably. What can he do now? Nandita wanted to move out….ASAP. He had never thought this day would come. He had been happy as a bachelor and had assumed Nandi was too. After all, he was approaching 40 and Nandi was just three years younger. Their lives were half over. He had assumed the arrangement would go on forever. He had been totally comfortable living with her. There had been no awkwardness, no discomfort. And marriage was one thing that both had sworn to stay away from. They both had felt very strongly against it. Naveen had been a witness to his parents’ constant bickering; he had made up his mind long ago that the fringe benefits of matrimony weren’t worth it. Nandi had seemed to be of the same mind in this, hence their arrangement had worked out fine. He h…