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Birthday Blues!!!

Apropos to the day,I often wondered what is such a big deal about "Birthdays" except for the fact that the person is born on this day.There is no reason to go gaga and it's all about the hype,totally being pampered by everyone thereby creating fissures in my ever resilient mind,may be.With a Oh-It's not so great day for me attitude that remains etched in memory and apparently the celebrant has no reasons to celebrate,except perhaps his or her survival.

Well,to be very precise I would Thank my Mom for all the Marathon toil
she put this day 20 years ago,enduring great pain,My dad and sister for all their affection and good culture they have inculcated in me.Yet,Iam still unaware of a society
which gives gifts to Mother,a congratulatory reminder of her accomplishments.
Instead the offspring has all fun.Birthday presents are reminders of how palpably unfair life is:The person who puts in the least effort reaps the greatest rewards(well stated by Shashi Tharoor).

Yes,it is a r…
One of my personal favourite posts being posted to retain consistency to my impoverished Blog:) Celebrating the Monsoon!!

Shall come up with a new fine post very soon on a special occasion ;).
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