Monday, May 22, 2006

My Musings!

"Vini Vidi Vici"
It's been a long time since I updated my impoversihed blog.Hence this post.
First news :Finally I'm a 100% Engineer.Yeppie!!!\:D/ .
Hey I had my results out recently,I din't flunk u see ;)
Presto,we had fun in our farewell party ,ofcourse it was a tearjerker.*sob*.
All good things should come to an end as they say.I miss my Engg. life for sure.
This is a post to contribute my success to so many people who made a difference in my life somewhere at crucial stages.This is the best way I thought I can honour them.

My was a Marathon in itself.Always at the receiving side of not holding one was tough thanks to my great cousins holding plush jobs ,plum sals elsewhere.Well,there came a moment where I painted the town red saying I hold one too.LOL
About my D-day
I made into WIPRO.Feel elated and at peace.Thanks to my Brother-in-Law.We had to combat somany thinks in between and that was the day I landed up in Hyd attending another "not qualified" interview in Annanagar,Chennai.Feeling dejected I headed for my written in Wipro.We reached there two hrs post stipulated time.Since there was a seminar I thankfully din't miss the written test.*smile*.Being a wayworm myself somewhere I felt I ought to leave home early and not get selected.
When the list was out students were barging into crowd literally and I could feel the trepidation in them.Whew!!I had my name(checked it more tan thrice as I myself was awestruck).I cleared my Techie and HR round and I had confidence in my performance.*smug*.That's the happy end.
This I owe to my sweet sister and my brother-in-law who drove more than 40Kms to reach the college asking me not to give up.

Then began a pursuit for my Master's,that being my long term goal.Again with "just a 91+ percentile " I knew I lost IIT .Felt haggard,withered and experienced nightmares.Early the morning on a nice blustery day someday this Jan there came a call from my bestest friend Priya saying she had applied for IIIT-B.I wasn't that serious being sure of my performance in GATE.Just with two days in hand I had to get the DD(Priya's Mom waited for me in bank till 5P.M that day) get the application fill and again post.Thanks to Blue dart it wasn't that tough.I cracked the written(I never knew i was not that bad at CAT-GMAT based papers)and then the interview this 4th..again I made it.Was a moment to cherish.
Being at sixes and sevens I have finally decided to reject my job and head for my PG.The Hobson's choice for me.
This I owe to my friend Priya
Not to forget the boost I received from Mahathi("Magna cum Laude") and Meenakshi who had been very supportive from the scratch.My special friends Kiran,Vinayak and Karthik who never let me down, I gained hopes and was affirmative all through.Iam to write HCU written this june..looking forward to it.I din't loaf around this summer*smug*..attended some training in Jntu and currently totally engaged and immersed here.I'm enjoying it.*smirk*
I will headstart to Hosur this July,my hearty wishes to Priya(perfection personified) who had made into couple of IIT's(*touch wood*),Mahathi(would have been her colleague in WIPRO ;) Applying thoughts day by day) and other pals.

In everyone's life there are certain moments which one would cherish and certain people without whom one wouldn't have been what one ought to in life.
This post stands as a testimony to the timelessness of that.Hakuna Matata!!

Until then Carpe Diem!Happy Blogging!!