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My Musings!

"Vini Vidi Vici"
It's been a long time since I updated my impoversihed blog.Hence this post.
First news :Finally I'm a 100% Engineer.Yeppie!!!\:D/ .
Hey I had my results out recently,I din't flunk u see ;)
Presto,we had fun in our farewell party ,ofcourse it was a tearjerker.*sob*.
All good things should come to an end as they say.I miss my Engg. life for sure.
This is a post to contribute my success to so many people who made a difference in my life somewhere at crucial stages.This is the best way I thought I can honour them.

My was a Marathon in itself.Always at the receiving side of not holding one was tough thanks to my great cousins holding plush jobs ,plum sals elsewhere.Well,there came a moment where I painted the town red saying I hold one too.LOL
About my D-day
I made into WIPRO.Feel elated and at peace.Thanks to my Brother-in-Law.We had to combat somany thinks in between and that was the day I landed up in Hyd attending another "not qu…