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Hail Idli

Iam a complete foodie but folks say am a poor eater. I make no fuss about food. Trying to write about khana on an empty stomach might make no sense to readers but as I have always felt “It is after all my blog.”I love Idli. Mom occasionally makes it as Dad and sis never liked eating it. So on day2 the batter morphs into Dosa. So here is my quest for something I love the most. It hardly needs any description.Food according to me should be simple, “no-frills”, delectable, easy to prepare and digestible. Idli requires minimum adjuncts. To top it all it’s so pristine white(topping the list is thair sadam of course). Whiter than the veshthi or the strip in tide detergent Ad or what your fairness cream promises. Barely requiring any effort to eat it, the texture is easily amenable for any one to eat be it a toddler or a pallu illadhai thatha. Gives you immense gratification after eating. Idli is like a simple vanilla person. I love eating it either with rasam, especially if it’s kutti idli …