Friday, September 07, 2007

You matter so much to me

Aug 25th 5:00 PM. Yet another evening. Boring doing mundane stuff. Almost an hour passed. Heard the schoking news of the terrible blasts in the city. Was wincing in pain. I just prayed and felt bad for the fact that for no reason innocent people lost their lives for all they wanted was some entertainment on a weekend.

Meanwhile, something else happens. I was ignorant. Next day 10:30 AM, dad unusually calling me again though I spoke to him that morning for a long time. I had this feeling of something bad happening to my loved ones.

Appa said Priya nambakuda ippo kadayadu. I got him. I reconfirmed. I said am coming to Hyd. He briefed me everything. It happened last evening about 5:30 and he came to know couple of minutes back next morning. I was shattered. I cringed and cried for hours, for days. I tried my best to reach Airport. But I was very late. I just confined myself indoors.

A true gem she was, my confidante, someone who mattered more than any of my other friends.

I was thinking..the time when I first met more than 5 years back. Fortunate enough to travel in the same bus, stay together and connected, almost a "paper rocket throw's away", have this 3 seater exclusively reserved where me, Priya and Swathi spent countless hours talking, reading, singing and having fun. We were like the friends in Dil Chahtha Hei(I proudly claimed that to be having a real DCH track). Someone whom I troubled the maximum with my irking kiddish behaviour, with my jokes and my approach towards problems and academics.

She looked geeky for outsiders and kind of a serious person. But no, she is absolutely the other way. Extending an helping hand when needed, someone who can laugh for hours for all the stupid jokes I cracked, someone who knew all about me and Mr. K and the banter we shared. I "haunted" her so much so that she said she used to dream about me while sleeping!

I have never seen her crying. Not even in the worst case. I had this sadistic pleasure of asking her to cry for me someday. But even now it happens the other day{How ironic}. My eyes get moist when I think of her. Someone who taught me a lot, who showed me light, a person firm on her decisions, highly sane and bubbly girl.

How I remember the last day of our graduation where again me, Swathi and Priya sat in our usual 4th row three seater in the Volvo, I as always in between, out of my weird excitement said "I would want to hug you priya". I remember how awkward she felt and kind of tried searching for a vacant seat for escaping my hug. I remember me and Priya escaping from Swathi's clutches when she almost pleaded us to teach tamil. Priya and I never taught her. Our not so fruitful orkut meet arrangement, idea incepted by her and propelled by me....

The time when we ragged juniors to them max, shooting so many questions, asking weird questions like their crush, making them sing... right under the nose of our Math and C prof, the time when we got the compliment from juniors for best seniors in the bus.

When inspite of just a 5 minute drive from my place, spent the weekend for hours on phone. As our parents say "If Priya's and Vaishnavi's phone lines are engaged for sure these girls are yapping big time". We laughed and chuckled and I enjoyed when she stumbled in NTR gardens and I rather than giving a helping hand started laughing. She game me so much courage when I was broken learning about my mom's illhealth.

Remember the time when she persuaded me to come to theater, something which I loathed for the fact that I prefer spending time with family/friends to watching a movie. Alas, we never went together. I remember you holding my hand like a mom does to her child and help me in crossing road for, I was totally hopeless at that.

I threatened her to Blog, to join Orkut, to use a Gmail account, learn to drive vehicle but she feared driving so much and I insisted on starting our chat conversation with a >:D<, for she owed me my graduation "hug". She made so much fun of me when she saw me and K online and told me "poor fella he is tolerating all your cribbings." I almost spend 6 hours a day with her. She often asked for an adjective that goes well with her. Pat came my reply. "Pagal Priya". Ofcourse, on a serious note I said "Simply Serene." I still find my name in her last post. She often said no one understood her as much as me, Poornima or Swathi did. She loved Rajesh Khanna's song so much especially "Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jateein hei...", or watching DDLJ umpteen times. She was so happy when she got placed in TCS and WIPRO,when she made her admit in IIT Karaghpur, Kanpur and Delhi. She was the first person to whom I confided about K and asked her opinion. We were the happiest bunch when we learnt she would be joining IIT D. She rocked there. She often admired my handwriting and my hyper energy levels, my enthusiam in everything be it talking or making others happy or while studying. :)

I met her the last time this May in KIMS. I was speechless. I wondered how could God be so unfair. Her condition was worsening but her parents told me she was getting better. I called her so many times to tell her that I will be coming soon to meet her, to give a hug, a nice bouquet, hold her hand and spend a day but much to my disappointment I was told she cannot talk much. It pained me when her body was pricked with needles for her body refused to take blood. She suffered from Leukemia. I wasn't even allowed to go near her for she was catching infection. I mildly opened the door and she just waved at me. I prayed and prayed. She was recovering, so much so that she even scrapped me saying she is getting better, this is her last cycle of chemotherapy and wished me for the conference presentation. Masked all her pain by projecting a smile. Her last moments were palpable. I experienced spasm of pain. Her effort to cope up with chemotherapy, developing sudden fever, breathlessness..God! How could this happen? I complained about my smallest health complications but she never wanted me to know about the phase she was going through. How brave and sweet of her!

I wish she emerged like a Phoenix bird, she was as busy as a bee and very hard working too. She was a person with great acumen and a firm decision marker. I admired her for everything. Our wavelength matched. We both hated when we see our friends smoke get choked. She was never angry at me. I never believed in acquaintances. If I had a friend it means a very close friend. She often asked how I could be so energetic and enthusiastic and be very much the same way to everyone for, she felt people thought she is very composed and observed my beahviour so much. She said the only difference between you and me is "Both have intelligence, have the same skills,you dont apply it, be like a playmate but I do". How very true.
The days when I had luncheon in her residence for she felt I need a change from the routine of me eating the food I cooked at home. She loved my cooking, my rasam especially. We always studied together. I had this pleasure of saying I was better in Math than her. I tell her this adage "vadiyar ponnu muttal", both her parents were bankers. They were the happiest family I ever saw. Man, she loved her dad so much. Everything is so vivid in my mind.

She is just next to God, happy,finally relieved from the suffering, seeing us all, mentally always in our hearts, her memories etched for ever in my mind, my heart full of her. She would be spreading light to all of us and motivating us althrough. How happy she made me! Forgive me Priya for not having seen you in a long time, for being unfortunate to see you the last time and extend my prayers and for not having to see you at all in the future.

I owe all my achievements and success to you dear.

Goodbye my sweet friend, my true inspirer and a shining diamond. You are just physically absent that's all. I wish you peace!

Whenever I crane my neck towards the sky, I see the brightest star, I see you there. Priya ma this picture reminds me of the fun we had last december when you and Swathi gave a surprise visit to my residence. I miss you dear.

"Some people come, some people go, but true friends leave their foot print in our heart".
Amen! May your soul rest in peace.
I ask my readers to extend their prayers and sorry readers for making you weep by putting here. I just wanted to let it out. One message I would like to pass on," beyond money, hardwork, deadlines, obtaining degrees and coding all that matters is good health, spending time with lovely people and a peaceful sleep at the end of the day and please donot neglect your health."

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hail Idli

Iam a complete foodie but folks say am a poor eater. I make no fuss about food. Trying to write about khana on an empty stomach might make no sense to readers but as I have always felt “It is after all my blog.”

I love Idli. Mom occasionally makes it as Dad and sis never liked eating it. So on day2 the batter morphs into Dosa. So here is my quest for something I love the most. It hardly needs any description.

Food according to me should be simple, “no-frills”, delectable, easy to prepare and digestible. Idli requires minimum adjuncts. To top it all it’s so pristine white(topping the list is thair sadam of course). Whiter than the veshthi or the strip in tide detergent Ad or what your fairness cream promises. Barely requiring any effort to eat it, the texture is easily amenable for any one to eat be it a toddler or a pallu illadhai thatha. Gives you immense gratification after eating.

Idli is like a simple vanilla person. I love eating it either with rasam, especially if it’s kutti idli or with yummy molagai podi with my idli tossed completely ensuring the powder is sufficiently spread across the idli, a complete killer you may say or with fresh coconut chutney. If there is nothing there is always sugar. How about kutti idli’s sautéed like bread crumbs and served with chutney?

idli sapiduvein dinamdoorum

adu tarum nalla aroogyam

It’s my front-runner. Very goodly, healthy, so tender, tummy filling, versatile and you can lose count on the number as well. What’s more, if there are left over idli’s, it takes the form of Idli upma garnished with finely chopped onions and minimum spieces. If it’s stale there is always uttapam to rescue. Given a chance I wish it could be declared as a national food.

Ideally Idli.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The weird tag

Harini tagged me to write about eight weird/arbit things and tag eight people to do the same. Not pretty good at writing one.
Here goes my list :
8. I want to write a mobile virus which spreads via MMS/bluetooth or through a game via trojan and install a key logger and track other's activities .

7. I make somersault in slumber. There were several instances when I knocked myself against the wall slipped from the cot and rolled under the bed. I used to use my sister's hand as pillow and put my legs on her. Poor her :P.

8. I like reading children story books. I still love reading Roald Dahl’s collections, Alice in Wonderland, Heidi and Daddy Long Legs. I love watching Tom and Jerry too.Makes me feel nice :).

6. I make weird faces when am not comfortable talking to some people so much so that at times I just give them a stare and embarrass them especially when they have this put on accent.

5. I love spoonerisms so whenever I goof up I attribute to spoonerism.{ It is kisstomary to cuss the bride;) } Pun intended.

4. I like playing with kids and when I see one I place them on my lap and talk in teeny weeny language.

3. I have this habit of gathering chocolate wrappers, gift wrappers, flower petals, book labels(Ah!), stickers and stuffing in my cupboard only to be discovered by my sister later on and trash it.

2. When I doze off in the classroom my neighbour never wakes me up in spite of pleading him to do so and my dear friend changes the mode of my mobile from silent to normal purposely to give a call and make me bear the brunt.

1. I love taking bath. Trust me I spend 2 hrs and sometimes start thinking there without knowledge of time. You call this eureka moment?

Harini you made me spill the beans. :D

I now tag Harish, Karthik Narayan, Sandeep, Shashi, Nambirajan, Preetha, Ganga, Kesavan(Bricktop), Asha, Sindhuja and other bloggers who would want to write one.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Karthik's, Srinivas',Swathis's,Manjunath' s and Subramanian's

I was always in conundrum with my identity. Atleast I thought so. Born in Mumbai, brought up in Hyderabad, for almost an year now in Bangalore and a tamilian by heart and soul, the thair sadam girl in our clan I had difficulty with respect to my domicile. Au contraire I was fortunate to know people from various cities, their style of living, food culture and their stance on people from other communities.{Read the tamilians on Telugus and vice versa, The Kannadigas on Chennaities, The Iyer’s on Iyengar’s, The Reddy’s on the Brahmins so on so forth ….}
Stand in T-Nagar {Tyagaraja Nagar, a popular street(?) in Chennai famous for shopping(?)) holler out “Karthik” and trust me atleast couple of guys would turn. Any permutation, combination of the ubiquitous Karthik say Karthik Narayan,Karthik Kannan, Karthik Kumar,Karthikeyan,Karthik Giri...suffix with it or prefix with it you name it you have it. They are mushroomed as much as the malls in Bangalore. I wonder parents’ affinity for naming their child Karthik which sounds so clichéd to me now. From my kindergarten till now I have encountered umpteen people by the aforementioned name. Next in line stands ofcourse “Sriram”.

Having educated in Hyd I have many friends whose name is Srinivas{Govinda Govinda!} be it Srinivas Reddy or Srinivas Rao. Being a person very bad at remembering surnames and strangely forgetting first names aswell unless I very am acquainted{eyewitness Swathi,Priya,Venkatesh and Vinayak} I have had my share of bizarre instances with these names. I am person who believes never to address someone by their personality especially if they are very stout or dark skinned for the very thought of offending them . I have had time of my life talking to people for days and still not knowing their names correctly. I say this Prof is calling Srinivas and pat comes the question. The dark one or the one who doesn’t speak to girls or the lanky one. I innocuously say “Srinivas Roll No 562” irking the person at other end.
Not to forget “Swathi's”. Trust me when I say I have had 7 Swathi’s in my batch!! They are as common as the Krishna sweets in Chennai. This short and sweet name has often landed me in trouble for I goofed names many a time inspite of knowing them for a year and not guessing the correct full name. Imagine people betting on me to identify the person and their full name. {Heights I say}

Next comes the Manjunath's in Bangalore. Am not much knowledgable about Kannadigas but have known some people by that name for sure. Synonymous with Lord Shiva.(?)

The last in my poll is the “Subramania(m/n)’s”. Be it Venkata Subramanian, Bala Subramanian, Giri Subramanian or just Subramaniam or Subramani…. They are equally common{can’t remember anologies}.
You love it or you loathe it name surely does ring a bell reminding you of your irritating neighbour or your crush.
Any common names being missed out? Pour your suggestions .
What’s in a name you ask?

Hasta la vista folks :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Music to your blog

Here is how you include an audio file in blog. :)

Bday Song

Bday Song

Click on the image or link to see the song in action.

Just host your song and provide its link{I hosted in googlepages} and just a simple anchor tag. Voila!:)

The file extensions can either be wav, .aud,.mid or any other sound files. As long as the user has the helper application or plugin installed and their browser is configured to use these, the user will begin to download the file once the link or image is clicked.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Microsoft surface,Flickr and Blackle

Some of the interesting links I would like to share.

Amazing technology. Don't miss it guys.

black google would save 3000 megawatts.html

follow this interesting link. You could visit to see our very own google in action but in a dark background.(old wine in new bottle ;) )

Flickr related tag browser.

For awesome pictures give seasons/flowers as keywords and see the page in action. Tweak it and trust me you will enjoy lot more.

I use this service called dropsend to send huge attachments.It supports attachment worth 1GB. Next time you want to send some movie or huge data, you can always use this simple yet powerful service. dropsend(


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Typical Tam Bram hymeneals

Attended my first cousin Swathi's wedding. Managed to get pictures from my sister only now.
The first word that strikes me when I envisage a Tam Bram wedding is a "Marathon". A three day fun and frolic filled event for all of us involving a lot of leg pulling activity courtesy scores of cousins, sumptuous lunch for us, the non-stop rituals, changing sarees often, those heavy jewellery, managing the nine yard saree and repeating those hymns.No wonder one gets to learn to be patient by then.Indeed attending other's wedding is really enthralling.

Right from Janvasam to Reception to Unjal to Kalyanam ,Valayadal to Kattusadham(bidding adieu to hordes of folks accompanied by gargantuan lunch) ..the endless list proceeded by a tear jerker moment for the bride's side. I could empathize with my Aunt and Uncle.Finally we all folks landed up getting exhausted making umpteen rounds here and there volunteering, managing my niece nephew and not-so li'l sis..

I took a break from my Academics to attend this wedding. Well some of the well wishers were interested in finding prospective groom for me :D, involving in some match making process (grr) and reading out their CV's to me and my parents. I gave a oh-am-not-so-interested look. Me and my sister shared a galvanized look and some mild choking. I gave a downright tongue-in-cheek reply to my parents not to give any commitment about this issue right now,the only botheration for me being getting a good CGPA ,sigh,as they say "Everything in time and there is time for everything"..hehe.

Well those apart I attach some of the pics taken during that occassion.Shocks are expected ;)

This is the Unjal(Swing) cermony.The bride and groom are given milk and bananas (That's me pondering ,next to bride in pink dress :D )

Some random pose :D

My niece Apoorva and Prathithi

Nephew Pranav and Sairam

We all first cousins together after eons with Arun bhai,me on the extreme right,managed to fit the entire platoon :D

At the reception,again at extreme right

Swathi flanked by Mami,Mama,Dad and Me(extreme right again)

Me and Aarthi

The ultimate moment.Bride on her Father's lap during the nuptial cermony at the auspicious hour

I wish you both a great and happy life ahead Swathi and Sriram.
All the best for your life and career.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Papa

Here is me wishing you Happy Birthday Dad.You have reached another milestone in your life,though you stay young mentally.Wishing you good health,peace and tons of love from me,deedhi and mom.

I owe you so much...

Thanks for the support you gave me
for all things I love thee
words often fail me
for the inability to express these
I have come a long way you see.

how I remember when I often stumble
and tried my best to mumble,
most of the times when i grumble
you did try to handle
with all mirth
right from my birth
when I was in worst predicaments and cynical
your touch was magical

now I am here away from you and far
how I wish there was no geographical bar
waiting for a lending ear
for I fear telling here

I miss your care
Is it fine and fair

Am waiting to come home
all these days was only hearing on phone
the cubbie in her den
literally waiting to have some fun

so here I am scribing
with a euphoric feeling
and a li'l cribbing
after weeks of dilly dallying
some crooning and some drooling

those pillion rides,those high fives
and those high velocity drives
the dumb hitchhiking
those search for shells and diving..
the tide does not seem to ebb
Its time for my siesta and grub.

Appears bizarre I know :|

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Small Letter,Big Change

Okhil Chandra Sen wrote this letter to the Sahibganj divisional railway office in 1909. It is on display at the Railway Museum in New Delhi. It was also reproduced under the caption "Travelers' Tales" in the Far Eastern Economic Review

Okhil Babu's letter to the Railway Department :

"I am arrive by passenger train Ahmedpur station and my belly is too much swelling with jackfruit. I am therefore went to privy. Just I doing the nuisance that guard making whistle blow for train to go off and I am running with 'lotah' in one hand and 'dhoti' in the next when I am fall over and expose all my shocking to man and female women on plateform. I am got leaved at Ahmedpur station.

This too much bad, if passenger go to make dung that dam guard not wait train five minutes for him. I am therefore pray your honour to make big fine on that guard for public sake. Otherwise I am making big report to papers."

Any guesses why this letter was of historic value?
It apparently led to the introduction of toilets on trains.

Source:Cool Deepz Blog

Sunday, March 25, 2007


This weekend marked the celebration of Techical fest "Innofest", organized by IIIT-B kicked off on friday the 23rd.

There were fun filled events such as Teach your professor,Abhivyakthi,DC,Informals(Themes:Inquizzitive,Harry Potter,Lord of the Rings),Mad Ads,LAN Games,Bug Samurai,Code Butter(a continous 12hr coding competition) and a game developed by the students here and brain child of Dr.Prasanna "IChess ".

The one which started with scepticism made people go green with envy as it turned out in a great way.The USP of the fest was the prizes,all gadgets.
From Playstation to XBox , iPOD ,Vista licenses ,headphones,USB Drives,Webcams, definitely this is really awesome.

Some gifts displayed

Great responses to all the events and students took part sportively.

For people who would miss to catch the World Cup match between India and Sri Lanka,it was screened in 70mm projector,sitting blissfully in the landscapes with cool breeze wafting we all guys watched keeping fingers crossed,hollering at the top of our voice,drumming,a typical Indian fan.Day2 ended meeting our Alumni, their perspective about life here and some memorable moments they shared with us.


me with Prof's and 3 of the winners

A weird pose,of course tired

Many sleepless nights but worth the effort.
kudos to all IIIT Bians!

For more info check the website

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Circle of life?

Life is very strange I say.
You see people around you and one day you no more see them.Losing friends who have been around ,you who were your seniors guiding you,thinking of enjoying themselves for a couple of days taking a break and losing their lives for fate is unimaginable.

Thinking of their parents moves me to tears.
Shubham and Sumeet(my seniors) and kapil Jamkar(a close friend of my friend) may your soul rest in peace.Amen!

I don't feel like writing any more.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tryst with Photoshop

I have tried something with Photoshop.Agreed it's aweful,but hoping to evolve better.Collaged 3 pictures and edited shapes using Office 07

Here is Bholu.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yahoo Mail Beta and Liam

I have been fida over the new "Yahoo! Mail Beta" .Excellent Web 2.0 and RI Application.
Giving an Outlook feel ,tabbed browsing,shortcuts keys shooing my touch pad for a while ...I definitely like it(with a Switch Back feature to revert in case it is not "likable").

Well for people who have slow net speed, must have seen an animated Gif's while loading the mail service,just an intelligent way of ensuring that users are not put off by the time taken to load the page,here you see this pretty cool guy called "Liam".Preety cool right?

I present some of the images collected by me over time and snatched from the Internet.Weird me? :|

Liam -Fat Belt(Recent one)

Liam being chased by Ostrich

Liam blowing heart bubbles(Occasion:Valentine's Day)

Liam on Rein Deer and galloping away

Liam on a Train(on wheels)

Liam Electric(fied?)

Liam - Shadow boxing(kewl)

Liam with a Bouncing Ball

Liam a Sumo Wrestler(looks like The Simpsons)

Liam -Break Dance(somersaulting)

Liam - Snow Ball

Liam - FIFA

Recent one

Some of them I got it here

Will update with more Gif's when I find new ones or I can be alerted here as well. :)


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not Fair yet Lovely

I mulled over certain things at this odd hour of the day(2:30 AM). Call it an eerie feeling of Déjà Vu or conglomeration of wacky thoughts ,some issues keep bowling over me.

For instance,when I see lights switched on in rooms even when there is no one or lights on in washrooms even after being used and not giving a hoot to screw the faucets properly I get irked. Well,I am a conservationist per se agreed but definitely not a person to give up things easily.I loathed leaky faucets,over flowing buckets,those pitter patter of drops on the floor and water/electricity getting wasted. At times when I wake up at 9 AM I see the corridor lights unattended in the hostel,I make a point to switch it off every time and tell the security to do the task early from next time but all to deaf ears. I don’t mind doing each day but why when wait for such a long time. The feeling goes like ,”this is not my house so why should I bother”. Are we not contributing to the electricity bill this way or adding woes to water scarcity? As goes the adage “Charity begins at home” these things should also be instilled in everyone’s mind.I got frustrated today because every time I keep reminding the house keeping/security staff the afore mentioned issues,I in return get a weird/staring look as to “why is this girl bothered so much”,eh?

Another amusing thing that strikes me now is a conversation that my neighbour had with my mom.I want my would be daughter-in-law to be fair,slim(like a stick?)….(and all other angel like qualities)”.Come on,I at times find the whole issue of “being fair implying being lovely” rather quixotic. It is not always the case that if you are fair means you are beautiful.I find dusky people more charming,beautiful and energetic.Does skin color make such a big difference?If every MIL demands for a “Oh-very-fair-hence-very-beautiful” DIL,cosmetics industry should come up with an instant face pack rather a paint which can give desired results in a jiffy.The whole point Iam trying to drive is “Can’t natural beauty be accepted?”.Just in case every matrimonial column tags wanted fair brides others will have to take a backseat or get sidelined(waiting for mera number kab aayega type thing).Why get carried away by Ad’s when most of the times it just burns a hole in out pocket or give 1-10% of expected results only?We are the way we are and should be accepted that way,is it the internal beauty that matters.

Who will bell the cat anyways?

Just felt like pouring my heart out in this post after all it is my ramblings.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Arbit Musings

Now,the little birdie{Miss KK:KrystalKlear} signs up a blog sitting next to me,when the KSM happens in full swing at 11:45 PM,trying to drive the difference between interfaces,abstract class and what not.I have also "abstractly" understood.Being a fine critic I can't stop telling her do this and that.
This post is basically to get on her nerves and irk her to the zenith.We have swapped blog url,just waiting to drop my brickbats.

All the best dear :).

Blogosphere welcomes you.

Look forward to Damsel's dream II from my end,thanks to the sequel hits of '06.

P.S.:Name of KK withheld on request.
With loads of smirks and smiles bidding adieu.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

DropCap and Yahoo Emoticons

Have two exams tomorrow and by chance stumbled upon Deepa's blog.A great one indeed.
Testing my yahoo emoticons :| and DropCap feature.
Hope this works \:D/

Thanks to Deepa and Hans:)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Favicon in Blogger

I finally succeeded in creating a favicon for my blog which i have been thinking of doing for years ;)

Take a look at the Browser's address bar.A Pisces image could be found.

To create a favicon :

» choose the desired image and convert it into a .ico(icon) file here

» Host that .ico image (Photobucket doesn't support .ico extension) in googlepages or elsewhere .This will do as it only needs Gmail ID.

» In the Template tab in Blogger,edit the html link
add the following lines in the head section immediately after the start of head tag

» For nice custom made favicons Click here

I will sometime create a better one.This is just a test.

» If still the favicon doesn't appear in IE,delete the link from Favourites in IE,clear the cache and restart the browser and link it up.


P.S: Blogger did not allow me to paste the html code as is hence the image.Apologies for the blur and low clarity.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Most Expensive Ad

This Ad from Honda is very meticulously done.
Take a look.One of the engineering marvels :)

Friday, February 02, 2007


Updated my Quiz Blog.

check it out in Quiz blog

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No frills Mobile Computer System

Having taken a sabbatical I dust the cobwebs off here.

I happened to attend a seminar on Simputer(Mobilis),a hand held computer by Mr.Vinay,Encore Information Systems in college today.The presentation started with some hilarious comic strip of "Blondie" throwing some pointers on how at times understanding certain features become difficult,bulky software,how softwares become easily obsolete and with the question of how many people fail to use or explore all the utilities of a given software say Microsoft Office where an ordinary user requires only 30% of the features provided one is not a power user.Their motto is to make PC's cost effective,easily understandable to non-English speakers,support multi-lingual features so that it can be procured by one and all.It was one of the best seminars I attended.

Mobilis, could be used as a desktop and a laptop.,more for users than developers.The one I was shown was in AltaVista Linux(I don't remember exactly,correct me if am wrong) with 32 bit RISC.It comes with an innovative carry-case that opens up as a desktop stand and a keyboard that could be rolled up and kept in a pouch of the carry-case when the user is on the move and a touch pad.Below is the snapshot

According to Vinay L. Deshpande, chairman and chief executive officer of Encore Software,the system would have the essential features of a conventional personal computer: everyday applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, personal information manager, e-mail and web-browser. It will play music and movies, have text-to-speech conversion facility and built-in local-language support. For now, Kannada, Hindi, and Marathi; work is in progress on Tamil and Telugu. It will weigh 500 gm and be compact. It can be synchronised with a regular PC, "considering that it [a PC] cannot be wished away.''

The power source will be a rechargeable battery with a life of more than six hours per charge as of now. The system is meant to be used in all conditions. It will have built-in ethernet and analogue modem, and optional built-in fingertip sensor for use as a kiosk terminal.

It will have no hard disk but will have built-in memory and facility to plug in memory cards for any storage over and above that provided for in the built-in memory. It will not have games. High-speed computing is ruled out. The reasoning is that "while adding to the cost, these are of no use to many users.''

It supposedly weighs only 800 grams and is pretty sleek.It is developed using C and all softwares used are Open Source as they reduce the cost.I personally held the Mobilis and it is pretty robust.Its no planned obsolescence-a stable system,Keybooards of Phonetic,Inscript and Typewriter types,GPS/GPRS Wi-Fi enabled.

Answering to the Question will it be a replacement for Desktop he was impromptu.
There is SofComp a Desktop PC for cramped spaces developed.Below is its snapshot.The CPU itself looks like one UPS ;) what say?

The challenges ahead is that the software should comsume low disk space,optimized and develop many more applications to make it comparable with Desktop PC's,to increase battery life to 12 hours and use Solar source during day time so that it can help areas with power deficit.

Personal Observation:Well,there isn't a CD-R slot so CD's are given a toss and yes for Gaming it might be difficult as games need high resolution.May be a Portable HD or a USB can come handy.
Many features have to be incorporated still.

For Rs.19,000 current price (might slash to 10k) this wonderful innovation can sure make it available to all masses be it rural or urban and its definitely worth a buy,to fiddle with it.

Read more..

More News:
Involved in solving online quizzes by IIT Kgp{might finish in some time :)}and IITM.
Enigma IIT KGP

Looking forward to using Snap plug in Blogspot{looks like its for Wordpress 1.5 and above}

Carpe Diem!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

What's in a street's name?

Today I felt like Blogging.I am not blogging because its 'almost' impoverished but because I do not feel like doing anything per se.

I had classes from 8:30 in the morning(on weekends too :( ). I have loads of assignments to do,some stuff to study but did not feel like doing anything.Was just tired.I just sat by the side of window.
I was thinking about the conversation me,my Chittappa,his friends and Appa had about the city where we spent our formative years.
I got involved in their talk.

What's in a street name you might ask.There is lot if street names in Secunderabad are anything to go by.
Read on..

The Raj that shaped much of what is today's Secunderabad,giving it its cosmopolitan touch and distinctive feeling,still lives on.If not in the ethos ,atleast in street names like McIntyre Road,James Street,Ronald Ross Road,King's Way and so on..
True political whims more than cultural or patriotic reasons have buried most of the names under tar.But those that survive manage to retain much of Secunderabad's old charm.
Park lane for instance,was named after Park Lane of London in the 19th century,at that time a fashionable shopping area.This place retains its British name and is a busy shopping spot too.This along with nearby streets like Prenderghast Road and James Street was in fact set up to look like England and Paradise and Patny to add in the list.

Renaming brigade

James Street(presently Mahathma Gandhi Road),King's Way(Rashtrapathi Road),Alexander Road(Sardar Patel Road) and Oxford Street(Sarojini Devi Road) have all underwent the renaming brigade's surgeries while some still in the Cantonment like Sapper's Lines,Lancer's Lines,Allenby Lines,Plassey Lines among others survive.

My Grandma,my uncles still refers to the aforementioned places by their former names giving a nostalgic feeling to them.For this is the city there were born and brought up .Those names certainly bring a sense of familiarity to them.
Ronald Ross Road still remains in a limbo.It was renamed Minister Road and when Chandrababu Naidu was CM it was given its original name.However all the official boards still call it Minister Road.
I was told that Ranigunj was named after Queen Victoria and its no wonder that Chandana's,Chermas,Anutex and the like have been substituted for some of the places.

For most of them those names still linger in their mind as a testimony to the British rule.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

XBox 360-Desi Version

I happened to watch this Ad very recently,as I dont get to watch television.

This Desi version is cool.

Video: XBox360 India Ad - extremely funny