Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Typical Tam Bram hymeneals

Attended my first cousin Swathi's wedding. Managed to get pictures from my sister only now.
The first word that strikes me when I envisage a Tam Bram wedding is a "Marathon". A three day fun and frolic filled event for all of us involving a lot of leg pulling activity courtesy scores of cousins, sumptuous lunch for us, the non-stop rituals, changing sarees often, those heavy jewellery, managing the nine yard saree and repeating those hymns.No wonder one gets to learn to be patient by then.Indeed attending other's wedding is really enthralling.

Right from Janvasam to Reception to Unjal to Kalyanam ,Valayadal to Kattusadham(bidding adieu to hordes of folks accompanied by gargantuan lunch) ..the endless list proceeded by a tear jerker moment for the bride's side. I could empathize with my Aunt and Uncle.Finally we all folks landed up getting exhausted making umpteen rounds here and there volunteering, managing my niece nephew and not-so li'l sis..

I took a break from my Academics to attend this wedding. Well some of the well wishers were interested in finding prospective groom for me :D, involving in some match making process (grr) and reading out their CV's to me and my parents. I gave a oh-am-not-so-interested look. Me and my sister shared a galvanized look and some mild choking. I gave a downright tongue-in-cheek reply to my parents not to give any commitment about this issue right now,the only botheration for me being getting a good CGPA ,sigh,as they say "Everything in time and there is time for everything"..hehe.

Well those apart I attach some of the pics taken during that occassion.Shocks are expected ;)

This is the Unjal(Swing) cermony.The bride and groom are given milk and bananas (That's me pondering ,next to bride in pink dress :D )

Some random pose :D

My niece Apoorva and Prathithi

Nephew Pranav and Sairam

We all first cousins together after eons with Arun bhai,me on the extreme right,managed to fit the entire platoon :D

At the reception,again at extreme right

Swathi flanked by Mami,Mama,Dad and Me(extreme right again)

Me and Aarthi

The ultimate moment.Bride on her Father's lap during the nuptial cermony at the auspicious hour

I wish you both a great and happy life ahead Swathi and Sriram.
All the best for your life and career.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Papa

Here is me wishing you Happy Birthday Dad.You have reached another milestone in your life,though you stay young mentally.Wishing you good health,peace and tons of love from me,deedhi and mom.

I owe you so much...

Thanks for the support you gave me
for all things I love thee
words often fail me
for the inability to express these
I have come a long way you see.

how I remember when I often stumble
and tried my best to mumble,
most of the times when i grumble
you did try to handle
with all mirth
right from my birth
when I was in worst predicaments and cynical
your touch was magical

now I am here away from you and far
how I wish there was no geographical bar
waiting for a lending ear
for I fear telling here

I miss your care
Is it fine and fair

Am waiting to come home
all these days was only hearing on phone
the cubbie in her den
literally waiting to have some fun

so here I am scribing
with a euphoric feeling
and a li'l cribbing
after weeks of dilly dallying
some crooning and some drooling

those pillion rides,those high fives
and those high velocity drives
the dumb hitchhiking
those search for shells and diving..
the tide does not seem to ebb
Its time for my siesta and grub.

Appears bizarre I know :|