Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Bachelor's story

After taking a sabbatical,here is a short story.

He stood still looking helpless, totally stymied by what had happened. It was so unexpected…so sudden…life sure can throw unpleasant surprises at you, he thought miserably. What can he do now? Nandita wanted to move out….ASAP. He had never thought this day would come. He had been happy as a bachelor and had assumed Nandi was too. After all, he was approaching 40 and Nandi was just three years younger. Their lives were half over. He had assumed the arrangement would go on forever. He had been totally comfortable living with her. There had been no awkwardness, no discomfort. And marriage was one thing that both had sworn to stay away from. They both had felt very strongly against it. Naveen had been a witness to his parents’ constant bickering; he had made up his mind long ago that the fringe benefits of matrimony weren’t worth it. Nandi had seemed to be of the same mind in this, hence their arrangement had worked out fine. He had insisted they find another place to live; his parents’ old flat reeked of disharmony and hopelessness.

They had found a nice two bedroom apartment in a good locality, close to the travel agency where Nandi worked. And the hospital wasn’t too far away either. It helped because of the erratic hours his job demanded. Being a surgeon was no cakewalk. But he enjoyed it - it was what he had wanted to do all his life; it gave him an ecstatic feeling when he picked up his scalpel and made the incision. The thrill was there even now after all these years. The only part of his job he didn’t like was dealing with the patients’ relatives - the explanations, dealing with their tears and fears. He couldn’t handle emotion; that’s why Nandi had been the perfect companion for him. She was as placid and cool as he was; she didn’t bother him if he decided to spend the night out with his friends and didn’t ask questions as to where he had been if he stayed out late. And she took away the monotony of living alone.

The reassurance that there was someone home waiting for him gave him an incentive to come home from the hospital. Nandi would smile at him as he came in and lay his dinner out - not talking unless he wanted to, so completely understanding him and his needs. He often thought they could communicate without talking. She seemed to read his mind so completely. And he liked her company. They had a lot in common - their love for classical music, old movies. They would spend lazy Sunday afternoons watching their favorite films, lounging on the couch, munching some home made snacks. That was another thing he was going to miss - Nandi’s cooking! She was a dynamite cook - boy, the kheer she made was something to die for….and her cakes could give Tarla Dalal a run for her money!

He had disregarded the snide remarks people made and the sly, covert glances that met them often as they went out together. He had thought Nandi had too. But now he wasn’t too sure. What if all the gossip had affected her? He had never talked to her about this; he had just assumed that everything was hunky dory.Perhaps Nandi cared more than she let on. Why hadn’t she talked to him? What did she see in Jaydeep? He was after all a divorcee, and had a daughter. He had thought she had been totally content…but this guy had whisked her off her feet and now she wanted to marry him…Good lord! Was she turning senile? He thought…at her age?? What was the guy after? She wasn’t very good looking, her hair had begun to turn grey, she would touch it up with hair-dye every week. The only thing glamorous about her was her job…where she met all these rich, flamboyant people ready to throw away their money on a stupid cruise or a vacation to some far away place.

She had often asked him to plan a trip with her, but he had never felt the need to take a break. She didn’t seem to mind, but now thinking back at all the times he had seen her wistfully gazing at the colourful holiday brochures, he wasn’t so sure. Is that what Jaydeep had offered her? An overseas vacation? No, of course not.. she said she loved him…! She wanted to marry him, spend her life with him. He was going to take her away to Pune, where he lived…Naveen would be all alone…he had never imagined he would have to be one day! He had taken for granted that Nandi would always be with him….but he had been so wrong! Jaydeep had offered her something magical…Love…How would you imagine practical, logical, level-headed Nandi would succumb to its charms one day!They had lived together 10 years now, and he had grown so accustomed to it. Now he would have to get used to life without her…"What’s the matter, Naveen"? Nandi’s voice shook him out of his reverie. "What are you brooding about so intensely?""Oh, nothing" he mumbled. "So when are Jaydeep’s parents coming"?"On the 19th. I wish it didn’t have to be this way, Naveen," said Nandi, ruefully…"What will you do? How will you manage?""Oh, I’ll get by. Don’t worry about me. Jaydeep is sure a lucky guy. Hope he appreciates what he’s getting," said Naveen, smiling and going towards Nandi. He looked at her and felt suddenly as if all the affection he had for her had come bursting to the surface. He awkwardly put his arms around her. "You deserve the best, Nandi. Forget about me.. I’m just an old, boring guy anyway. And I have Cleopatra for company." Cleopatra was their cat. Nandi’s eyes suddenly brimmed with unshed tears, exhibiting a rare emotion so unlike her. "I’m going to miss you so much. And Cleo. I wish it didn’t have to be this way," she said."Of course it has to be this way," said Naveen, smiling and giving Nandita a hug. "And I’m going to see to it that you have the grandest wedding you could imagine. It’s the least a brother can do for his sister."

P.S:This is a short story written by Suproya Sudarshan in a column in MSN

Saturday, September 30, 2006

The two point someone

Iam a bad raconteur but this is just a scoop of my life presently presenting an anthology of snippets :).

Treat this as an amphigory

Have fun!

Our college is not a johnny-come-lately.After that hurling of caps event in june by super seniors and being welcomed by a musical water fountain am here to scribe a few things.

It’s a Prof-centric college they say.But it’s a TA centric I have to say.All powers lie with them. How much I hated that bias.Cramming over endless (end-the-list) sessions,those high funda KSM{for people who don’t know it’s Knowledge Sharing Mode},those cribbing and hollering at the top of voice after surprise test and other tests are worth mentioning.

Venting my woes:

I have already become 2-point-someone{CGPA for 4 you see }.Already formed a DCH/2-point someone track here with Seema and Sreeja as the other protoganists.

Some introduction:

Seema,the over enthued,ever smiling,heart-throb of many is the SAC member(Student-Activity-Committee).She was the one primarily responsible for organizing Fresher’s night,foundation day and likewise.She is an ex-employee of Crompton greeves;).Very Happy go lucky,caring and ready to help people in any circumstance.She is more like a small kid at times and I had to persuade her for hours to ask her to study and not get complacent with understanding of a few concepts. Cribs in kannada all time.

She has formed some attachment with my room that she stays in my room all time,we trying to sleep in the same bed when trying to study or perennially checking our college mails. I miss her so much that the moment we are back to hostel we try SMSing each other and voila!we are in one room.

Purposefully,trying to chat online though we are sitting next to each other,mailing each other for fun ,using Blue Tooth to the max makes me laugh uncontrollably.We share a comfort level when it comes to copying from either one of us than from anyone else.

Sreeja the sleeping queen,who is ready to lose her lunch/dinner/classes for her sleep is another character to describe here.A Spic-Macay member(a committee which organizes cultural events) had played a major role in organizing Sitar concert fortnight ago.Another caring girl who is seen when the whole world sleeps making endless rounds around the college.She is a good listener and I have vented much to her.A Gadget freak having a fetish for the latest ones and ever ready to capture the weirdest things I and Seemado in her camera and make us laugh.She had taken good care of us when both myself and Seema were not well before the mid-terms.Another girl cribbing in Malayalam all time.

I have been a member of food-committee(earned enough brick bats),magazine/media and placement committee here.My room is adjacent to the T.V room.Alas!there is endless Saas-Bahu saga on and girls throng to watch it!Iam almost following the episodes thanks to the common wall between the two.A valid excuse for a two-point someone ;)

I have nothing to list out except that we three have spent countless amount of time cribbing,musing ,studying,,suffering hunger pangs all time cracking silly jokes,those 2.A.M morning visits to canteen to grab something to eat.We study in between our eating process you see.

Baswati a visiting member in our group is a nice sweet girl,an ex-IBM employee, ready to change parties when each of us derive fun pulling other’s leg enough to chop us off.Caught some Bengali phrases thanks to her.

It all started with our first assignment of programming where we extremely tired to write ourselves thought sharing is the best way to finish work soon and roam around.

Unlucky that we were three of us had to submit to the same TA and the software that detects assignments being copied screwed us literally.We were exclusively given another assignment which took us 7 hours to code,never did we crib so badly.All our exams have been a big disaster as of now.Imagine we chatting till 4 in the morning on the day of mid terms is a testimony to that.All my quizzes,mid terms have been disastrous and am upto disaster management strategies :)

Our friendship has grown strong.Both of them left for Dushera vacations.Somehow somewhere I was missing them and this post is to tell you friends that am glad that we all friends sharing some bond among us.

Sleeping is an eliminated option as Seema,the argus-eyed(sitting just in front of me) is ready to shake me up the moment my eyes droop,enough to make others stare at me!{I hate you for that :D }.How I wish I slept in KVD's and ALgo class blissfully :(

Thanks Seema,Sreeja and Baswati for being such a nice friend of mine >:D<.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hues and Shades!

Basking in the lap of Nature

A Rustic View..................

Nature's Marvel

Saturday, September 09, 2006

An Interesting Game!

After a tiresome night cupping in an exam I opened my Inbox to find an e-mail with subject named "An interesting game" sent by Mayank Raj which has been circulating in blogosphere.In a quest to refresh myself and Arvind started off with it(took 2 hours :( ).Voila I could see the granny dancing \o/ whose pic reminded me of the grandmother of Peter in Heidi.
Try playing this:
Its awesome.
The first few flips might make you feel boring but the pages post 12 took me on a ride.
Every page carries a sufficient hint to the subsequent page.
Navigating through the first page is pretty simple.Type 2.html
Since the word two was punched there,it carries hint for third page.Type three.html.
Page 3 has roman numeral hint.So understandingly the next page has to be iv.html.
Lucid explanations stop here.Page 4 is written as ruof enough to carry hint.Type evif.html
Page 5 says:ffiivvee,nevertheless the next link ought to be ssiixx.html.
Page 6 has 6 6's to hint that page 7 would have 7 7's.Type 7777777.html
Page 7 has uranus as its hint .Its the 7th planet in the Solar System.Hence page 8 would be Neptune.html
Page 8 has the hint:acht.Its by googling that I found acht in german means 8.Hence page 9 would be neun.html
Page 9 has hint:sept which is sufficient to say the next page is oct.html
Page 10 has a 10 spade meaning the next key is jack.html
Page 11 has the key eLeVeN that means next page is tWeLvE.html
Page 12 has the number 144(12*12) meaning page 13 has 169(13*13).That is 169.html
Most of the above are self-explanatory.
Page 13 kinda took time as I started thinking of all possibilities of the link with word night/black and went to the extent of typing #000000(hexa code for black) giving me the message:Directory snooping is strictly prohibited!Be gone,hacker!! :P .Took heck of time for me to think of placing the mouse pointer in the middle of screen to get number13 that means next page is number14.html. (was li'l tricky indeed)

Page 14 has the word catorce(GOK!!).Its number 14 in Spanish so the answer would be quince.html
Page 15 has buchanan in it.James Buchanan was the 15th President of The USA.Obviously the hint is Abraham Lincon who was the 16th president.Meaning the next page is lincoln.html.

Sedicim is 16 in Latin,so it would be septemdecim.html for page 17
Page 17 has 10001,implies the binary eqvivalent of 17.So its 10010.html for page 18
Argon is the 18th element in the periodic table,so the probable one would be potassium(k) which is 19th element.

Now the real trap.There was the keyword ojofuffo whose search results generated a philisophical link and I decided to give up after finite amount of thinking as it sounded meaningless for me.
The result looked something like this:

The concept of "infinity" is not like "ojofuffo". You know the meaning of infinity but you cannot comprehend it. But, you neither know the meaning of ...
Mind, body and God. This is a Bermuda Triangle which philosophers have been struggling with for centuries. They have demonstrated positions ranging on all possible combinations and permutations: All three exist... Only mind exists... Mind and body exist, while God is created by our mind... Body is the essence and mind is a function of the body... Only universal spirit, that is God exists... Mind is the first... No, body is the first... Neither, God is the first... So on so forth. Here we will demonstrate, compare and contrast the opinions of Descartes and Berkeley on the interaction and relation between the two corners of the triangle: Mind and God.

Wheww!it did have a meaning and pretty much makes sense.How on Earth can it be related to 20 or any other search results for languages failed too.grr!Finally I found a post with the answer.
It's like:a becomes b,b=c,......
so nineteen is ojofuffo hence twenty is uxfouz.Alas!bringing me some respite.

On a quick note icosagon is a 20 sided polygon hence the result is icosihnagon which means a 21 sided polygon.
The next hint is Fibonacci series(Remember DaVinci Code??!).1,1,2,3,5,8...........10496.I made a guess that it must be the 21st fibonacci number.So the next number would be 17711.

The next navigation produces words such as Aoozy,Booyy,Cooxy......Vooey sufficiently hinting the final word os Woody.The end of the game! :)
Voila !the Grandma is all excited and the page yield a congratulatory note.The pic looks like the one above.

Its by IIM.:).check it out.
Feedbacks about the posts are welcomed!:)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Vini Vidi Vici

The valiant voice of a valetudinarian finally rises vehemently in vapid speech pondering beyond the veil killng off vestige of potential passion woken from delirium by the vociferous clan, his visage contorted in anguish.Having no viable verdict in an attempt to vivify all in experience that engage his heart and intellects and after many vicissitudes of fortune sunk into abject and hopeless problems in veritable terms.
Finding no answer and having changed position to the veranda still having not got any viable response wrung hands and erased the eerie trying to vividly remember about the voluptuary virtuoso who had been so virtuous was bit by a virulent creature wincing in pain for sometime before venialling the creature. Trying to veer my thoughts I thought about him,a vegan by nature vermilion smeared on his forehead ,highly voluble and veracious who loved velvetten ,a vexillology hobbist,a humble vaudevillian veteran vowing to vanquish vice,never vacillates and hardly vacuous,versatile genius in modest terms , as a vox populi who despised vendetta politics was given a valedictory status as a person at his chivalrous best on whom all had deep veneration for he provided new vista's but has many a time been vulnerable to vicissitudes of fate.The degree of verisimilitude in the work was consistent and worth appreciating.Often seated in his verdant lawns, a voracious reader being victrious in life vouched for truth and never vented his woes.The cubicle now in the office lies vacant vanishing the thoughts of a person vis-à-vis me who loved vichyssoise and Vichy water.The verbiage veering verbosity who was on the verge of losing life never a visitation of vexation does not lie vetti on his couch at his villa but caught up with a vede mecum to provide explanation for some strange turn of thoughts.Voila,the very thought of him getting better makes me happy who called me verve vaishnavi.

P.S.:Just made an attempt to write this complicated stuff.Nosegays and brickbats are welcomed.vhevvvvvv!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Life @ IIIT-B

Finally here am after loitering in my new college campus after weeks of dillydalling taking off time to post about it.

The first days of my stay in B'lore was scary.I lost my bag and stuff.That makes another story altogether.Brings me to shudders.Visited Iskcon temple was awesome.Gave me immense solace when I visited. Talking about the college now:
Though the college campus is small,situated in Electronics city,Hosur road the verdant lawns,maintanence and infrastructure deserve a big mention.Cool breeze wafting around, the first time I drenched in the rain here,those sprawling lawns,the dew settled in the plants and grass are worth a talk.Thankfully I don't wake up from delirium by the sound of screeching brakes now.
The weather is quite chill when compared with Hyd.Eveything is fine except for the cost of living which is exorbitant to say the least.
Seniors here are very affable and hospitable and the very thought that we have to take up a project in first sem makes me cold.

Prof.Prasanna Sir's and Sadagoppan(the founder of college) Sir's talks are highly motivating,hilarious and inspirational.Makes me ponder over many aspects.
Our classroom is supposedly a mere 140 seats seminar hall with a camera always vigilant.Seating arrangements are according to roll number wise.How I wish I could sit anywhere I like with people Iam comfortable with.Alas,I shall lose my attendence that way.Thanks to my name I sit in the last row directly facing the Prof's.Even dozzing off or reading a book is difficult as iam under the trepidiation thinking when the camera will catch me red handed.This reminds me of the character Gogol in The Namesake where he intends to change his name for different reason altogether though.

Looking forward for elections in e-cell,SAC,Birthday party committee,Food committee and other paraphernalia.I have no enthu to campaign assuch.Hope I stand in magazine idea as of now.

Thanks to the delay in getting our laptop's we'r procrastinating in our assignments and have a nice reason to give to Prof's since am suffering from memory decay as its been eons since I studied.Hey,we are going to receive it very soon,so have to buckle up having errands to run.Mess food is palatable but it irkes me to stand in long lines for eons and then have lunch/supper experiencing hunger pangs quite often.Post supper walks are confined to making rounds around the college building supposedly 10 min per round getting exhausted in 2nd round itself :P. Being bilingual I have become interpreter for some friends here to translate from hindi to telugu/tamil for communicating with security men etc.Caught up with some kannada phrases too.solpa solpa

Not being used to hostel life in the first 2 weeks itself I decided to go home to see mom and dad.Thanks to Independence day and Janmaasthami which occur consecutively.Looking forward to sunday and to taste some home food.
Happy Blogging.
Enjoy maadi.
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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Whistling is real fun

Yesterday while skimming through the channels I happened to watch this show called
"The Big Ticket" in Headlines Today.Assuch I love the way they whistle the songs in movies.There was this interview where a "Nagesh Sarva", person associated with bollywood for 30 years now has been interviewed.The whistling sequence in "Main Hoon Na","Barsaat",the forthcoming "Dhoom2" were all contributions.What started as a prank whistling girls now is his passion.
I love whistling very much and wish i'll start humming a tune someday.
Whistling started in the days of R.D.Burman with khamoshi being a hit.Later in "chori chori jab nazareein mili.." from kareeb and many more to site are ambrosia to ears.

I wonder how we fail to give credit to them and I tell you it's a bit difficult to whistle than to sing and get the tune according to lyrics.
Has whistling been overshadowed by singers?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Kute Kolams!

As the time is ripe for me to headstart to Hosur I had this neck deep work of cleaning home(read house keeping operations).Just when I was dusting my mom’s cupboard an old notebook caught my attention.Awed I opened.The papers were a pale yellow ocher but the designs were mesmerizing with simple dots and serpentine curves done with a pen which unfurled many memories.
That was kolam or Rangoli or Muggulu,a skill interwoven with traditional family life in TamilNadu.
I remember how my granny an early riser herself started her day by first watering the trees then spread the dung all over the frontyard evenly allowing it to set for a few minutes and drew kolam making it look beautiful with her skills with minimal erases.Dots would turn into wonderful designs in a matter of seconds and Voila! the kolam would be bordered beautifully.
Come Friday or any auspicious day there would be something called “padi kolam” with all horizontal,vertical and diagonal lines neatly drawn and bordered with something called “chemman”, a brickcolored stone like substance which when immersed in water turns soft and dipped with a small cloth spreading across the entire padi kolam appearing as a white-brick red colored combination.
More funda by my friend here:chemman means: semmaiyana man in thamizh. semmai means two things: sezhippu (bounty) and red man = soil semman = red soil

Rice flour is preferred for kolam not just for ornamental designs but also as a gesture for ants and birds as breakfast .Now its been replaced by other means wherein the white powder has some chemicals too.Colors were a strict no-no as it's considered harmful.The rice was pounded at home itself.Eco friendliness is not a new concept and has been prevalent since eons.
Drawing it requires skill and perception and whole lot of patience.
Come the month of Margazhi the frontage of houses would be welcoming with a design portrayed “Sun God”,Pongal panai and karambu(sugarcane).Even with the arrival of new child the cradle kolams ornamented our entrance.
With seasons changing kolams do change.The Pavakkai design(bitter gourd),pambu kolam(snake kolam),Mayil Kolam(peacock) and ther kolam(chariot car) decorated the frontage in a cyclic rhythm.
Granny is now old and her hands stiffened.She has lost the magic but her children have greatly inherited that art.In the world of hustle bustle these things have died down and taken a Sabbatical.Time has replaced with ready made kolam designs,impressions of them in metal with just a spread of the powder design taking forms.Even living rooms of our ancestral house were painted beautifully and that would welcome the momemt one steps in admiringly.

I have failed to learn the magic and just that I have ziltch patience I manage a decent jiffy ones in our frontyard with a nonchalant attitude of what makes the difference to draw it or not..I still remember my over enthusiastic classmates having a penchant to know new designs would exchange and even maintain notes,some elephant design to some floral designs and whatnot.All I do is watch silently.Kolams indeed have taken a step forward by its incarnation in the form of softwares but still hand drawn one is irreplacable. It's true that the coming generations would have to study that in History lessons.
“I wish kolams had a patent.”

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Damsel's Dream

The azure sky glimmered in the first streaks of dawn.I trudged into the forest humming a mild tune.The Sun splashed its first rays on the ground.
At the fork I took left;"This path is less taken I thought",with the dense overgrowth covering the entire path.There was sepulchral silence.Basking in the lap of nature I was cock-a-hoop about its glory.I headed further.A Magpie chattered somewhere,a blue Jay snazzingly cooed in its rustic mood ;the hot Sun was bearing upon me.Then I heard a soft gurgling sound making me stop at my tracks,curiosity gripping in I turned towards the sound.A small waterfall emerged out of the blue in my view.The sight made me awestruck for moments.I felt as though i would rock in a swing and sleep blissfully amidst nature's marvel.Following it a cold breeze blew which ruffled and caressed my hair.The scene resembled as if it’s been scooped out of a movie.My eyes swept across the ground and from a distant view a small lake emerged into my view..After walking a few yards a wild thought struck me.Gingerly lowereing my feet in the pristine water I began waving my legs and splashing water.The water was wonderful to feel and hear.Round pebbles finely settled in various hues and sizes gave a different ambience and I then waded to the deepest part where water reached neck deep.Here there were tiny fishes too.Standing still they started nibbling my toes and had a ticking sensation.I splashed and played,then I lay on rock with my feet ankle deep in water.A vivacious butterfly lapped on my shoulder fluttering its wings beautifilly,there I lay not to disturb it.After sometime it whirred away quietly.Indeed it is a memorabilia I thought.

Suddenly the door screaked,the curtains unfurled ,eyes drooped slashing and people hollered at the top of their voice.Plod came the knock.My reverie was broken in whiskers..I squirmed yawning whew!just a dream.Again the normal routine I snickered mustering all my strength and thought “I began my day with a nice dream”.The whiff of timelessness wafts ever. This was my dream-o-cruise.Atleast I was away from the hustle-bustle for a while.
Happy cruising!!
"These moments change my solitude to bliss"

Sunday, June 18, 2006

10 Simple Pleasures

I was tagged by Rajeev{after assuring that I’ll blog consistently and won’t disappoint him this time}.It is called some simple pleasures in life.Sounds good.Atleast makes my grey cells active and thankfully something apart from the ubiquitous siesta and fiesta to some resilience.This is the buzzword in blogosphere from quite sometime.Here are the 10 from my end.

1.Snuggle in a cozy bed with a good novel to skim through, by the side of window with nice breeze wafting in, mellifluous song being played(quaint songs double pleasant) and in parallel have something to munch and no one to disturb me.

2.Relish mango pachadi and poran poli that my Mami makes and all the yummy dishes Jeeju prepares{Slurp!!absolute delight}.Paratha’s ,icecreams and chocolates anytime ready to grab and if nothing comes my way the ubiquitous curd rice with lemon pickle{so divine} will do.

3.Enjoy the Monsoon with its myriad of moods and connotations.Drenching in the rain and then a cup of nice ginger tea,some pakodas or pani puri and just watch the incessant rain pitter patter of rain slam terra firma{*touch wood*,it’s indeed raining now} ,relish its effervescent smell,watch the dainty dew on the verdant leaves and then finally gaze the ravishing rainbow by craning my neck{being a natureholic can’t stop in few lines} Read more here.

4.Plough the Internet trying for some techie stuff,sneak peek into other’s blog and then catching up with close friends online for some vetti latch and pulling other's legs in conference chat{in one of the umpteen different messenger’s available;).Men are from Google and Women from yahoo :P }

5.Calling up Priya,Mahathi,Deedhi,Kiran and Karthik even if it’s meant for sometime{wait a second.Did I say for sometime?It’s for hours trust me..masked into minutes :P}

6.Try whistling :-" when no one is around and improve my handwriting{writing in left hand of course which I have lost touch looks like thanks to the jinx attached to it and hey am an ambidexterous in the making ;) }

7.Watching photo album and pestering Mom asking when this was taken and when that ..why can’t I remember anything vividly :(,visiting my ancestral home in Mumbai.Recollecting my salad days.

8.Gazing at the Crescent at night,watching the serene stars twinkle and then wake up early the morning to hear the chirping of birds when the Sun starts its retrograde motion.

9.Go on a long drive on a nice blustery day especially in the Necklace Road vicinity with those stunning lights and around the turquoise Hussainsagar lake or visit a greeting card gallery spending hours to pick a few cards and gifts.

10.Go to temple,reciting those hymns, trying to meditate and spending sometime in introspection or a long walk with my close pals and end my day writing in my diary.

Other one is hanging out with sis and jeeju dining in a good restaurant,shopping and having fun blowing holes in their pockets that is{spare a thought}..:P

Only ten so the endless list end’s here{really?}.It's been a nice reminiscence. I now tag Shashi,Priya,Sandeep,CNA,Pavan and Karthik.
Iam wondering if there exists words that start with ‘Q’ and is not followed by ‘u’{Abdul Rassaq? :P,proper noun,eh? }.Any takers?
Watch this space frequently .On this note Happy Blogging!!Check the amazing link below.

Monday, May 22, 2006

My Musings!

"Vini Vidi Vici"
It's been a long time since I updated my impoversihed blog.Hence this post.
First news :Finally I'm a 100% Engineer.Yeppie!!!\:D/ .
Hey I had my results out recently,I din't flunk u see ;)
Presto,we had fun in our farewell party ,ofcourse it was a tearjerker.*sob*.
All good things should come to an end as they say.I miss my Engg. life for sure.
This is a post to contribute my success to so many people who made a difference in my life somewhere at crucial stages.This is the best way I thought I can honour them.

My was a Marathon in itself.Always at the receiving side of not holding one was tough thanks to my great cousins holding plush jobs ,plum sals elsewhere.Well,there came a moment where I painted the town red saying I hold one too.LOL
About my D-day
I made into WIPRO.Feel elated and at peace.Thanks to my Brother-in-Law.We had to combat somany thinks in between and that was the day I landed up in Hyd attending another "not qualified" interview in Annanagar,Chennai.Feeling dejected I headed for my written in Wipro.We reached there two hrs post stipulated time.Since there was a seminar I thankfully din't miss the written test.*smile*.Being a wayworm myself somewhere I felt I ought to leave home early and not get selected.
When the list was out students were barging into crowd literally and I could feel the trepidation in them.Whew!!I had my name(checked it more tan thrice as I myself was awestruck).I cleared my Techie and HR round and I had confidence in my performance.*smug*.That's the happy end.
This I owe to my sweet sister and my brother-in-law who drove more than 40Kms to reach the college asking me not to give up.

Then began a pursuit for my Master's,that being my long term goal.Again with "just a 91+ percentile " I knew I lost IIT .Felt haggard,withered and experienced nightmares.Early the morning on a nice blustery day someday this Jan there came a call from my bestest friend Priya saying she had applied for IIIT-B.I wasn't that serious being sure of my performance in GATE.Just with two days in hand I had to get the DD(Priya's Mom waited for me in bank till 5P.M that day) get the application fill and again post.Thanks to Blue dart it wasn't that tough.I cracked the written(I never knew i was not that bad at CAT-GMAT based papers)and then the interview this 4th..again I made it.Was a moment to cherish.
Being at sixes and sevens I have finally decided to reject my job and head for my PG.The Hobson's choice for me.
This I owe to my friend Priya
Not to forget the boost I received from Mahathi("Magna cum Laude") and Meenakshi who had been very supportive from the scratch.My special friends Kiran,Vinayak and Karthik who never let me down, I gained hopes and was affirmative all through.Iam to write HCU written this june..looking forward to it.I din't loaf around this summer*smug*..attended some training in Jntu and currently totally engaged and immersed here.I'm enjoying it.*smirk*
I will headstart to Hosur this July,my hearty wishes to Priya(perfection personified) who had made into couple of IIT's(*touch wood*),Mahathi(would have been her colleague in WIPRO ;) Applying thoughts day by day) and other pals.

In everyone's life there are certain moments which one would cherish and certain people without whom one wouldn't have been what one ought to in life.
This post stands as a testimony to the timelessness of that.Hakuna Matata!!

Until then Carpe Diem!Happy Blogging!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Birthday Blues!!!

Apropos to the day,I often wondered what is such a big deal about "Birthdays" except for the fact that the person is born on this day.There is no reason to go gaga and it's all about the hype,totally being pampered by everyone thereby creating fissures in my ever resilient mind,may be.With a Oh-It's not so great day for me attitude that remains etched in memory and apparently the celebrant has no reasons to celebrate,except perhaps his or her survival.

Well,to be very precise I would Thank my Mom for all the Marathon toil
she put this day 20 years ago,enduring great pain,My dad and sister for all their affection and good culture they have inculcated in me.Yet,Iam still unaware of a society
which gives gifts to Mother,a congratulatory reminder of her accomplishments.
Instead the offspring has all fun.Birthday presents are reminders of how palpably unfair life is:The person who puts in the least effort reaps the greatest rewards(well stated by Shashi Tharoor).

Yes,it is a remainder of the fact that I have reached another milstone in my life,I no more carry the age that i was carrying last year,with the bitter truth of not accomplishing anything still at all.May be!!year by year time passes by yet the resolutions and determinations taken by me become a mere "Political Oath" mitigating and coming to a standstill in the very first few seconds.Very honestly personally I havent achieved anything in my life and just hoping accomplishments are imminent.I cannot be plausibly defined as a great person perhaps(An adjective that has dogged me all my life). I have had one wish,To be a good person in life and one dream,that everyone should be happy.Still culminating towards it,ofcourse trying to take up the gauntlet.Iam not nagging anything either.

I still vividly remember as a child how I eagerly waited for D-day, to go primp and preen and trying decent enough to look nice trying to catch everyone's attention ;),going to temple,those prostrations... memorabilia.Gone are those days anyhow unshering greater responsibilities and realizations in me.

"Its a special day for us because you are a special friend of us veers some close buddies of mine and its no exaggeration",with a smug.
I would have to confess here that my friends,siblings and cousins(parents internally ensured) have made a big difference for me in all walks of my life giving me emotional and moral support when iam down and showed me the path towards greater success.Mentioning a few names would be a mere understatement here(Love you all pals :) ),as everyone have left a huge impact on me at different phases.This year has been great for me for many reasons though :)

What ever the reasons may be it still remains a special day for everyone in their life,laden with myriad gifts,umpteen wishes and loads of care and affection and crooning bells ready to be put to pasture.Let some bitter Bygones be Bygones.I don't know how fair/unfair it is to scribe this post but yes,i agree people have different predicaments.This is just an embellishment of my feelings and nothing to being cynical about.

Before i forget Thanku all for your warm wishes and wish you an unrecognisable,fun-filled and colorful Holi.

"A Rose given in Life is better than orchids in grave"

P.S:Bday was on 15th.I posted much earlier ;)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

One of my personal favourite posts being posted to retain consistency to my impoverished Blog:) Celebrating the Monsoon!!

Shall come up with a new fine post very soon on a special occasion ;).
Read More..

Happy Blogging till then.Greetz and cheers!!
Do keep commenting buddies.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Linguistic immortality

Language has always been a vital tool for communication.We are indeed lucky to have so many words at our disposal-To explain,define an object or idea or to communicate.
Having come across many words originated from Greek and Latin as in root words or likewise,certain people were responsible for the origin of some words .

We have boycotted many people,objects and events out of disgust and exasperation
From our lives.The word ‘Boycott’ owes its origin to Charles C Boycott,an English land agent,who had a thoroughly difficult task of collecting high rent from Irish farmers.In
protest the farmers ostracized him,not even allowing him to make purchases in town
or hire workers to harvest his crops and the word boycott entered into usage to denote ostracism.
The word ‘silhouette’ came into popular usage just before the French revolution.The then Minister of Finance Minister of France,Etienne de Silhouette,advocated a simple life so that excess money could go into the treasury.from then silhouette meant the simplest form of portraiture.
Everyone hate to be referred to as 'Sadists',meaning one who enjoys inflicting torture
on other people.This term was derived from Marquis De Sade an 18th century French man who found great delight in torturing friends and foes.He shocked everyone by alarming frankness with which he described hisd Morbid and bloodthirsty cruelty.Hence
Inflicting torture on others came to be called as 'sadistic pleasure'.

In 1868,R.J Lechmere Guppy,President of the scientific association of Trinidad
Sent some specimen of a tiny tropical fish to the British Museum.Ever since,fish of this species are called Guppies.
Jean Martinet was the inspector General of Infantry during the reign of King Louis
XIV-and a stricter,more fanactic drillmaster France had never was from his time
That the French Army’s reputation for discipline dated and it is from this the name
Martinet meaning a strict discliplinarian has been derived.
Nicolas Chauvin,soldier of the French Empire,so vociferously and unceasingly aired his veneration of Nepolean Bonaparte that he became the laughing stock of all Europe.
Thereafter an exaggerated and blatant patriot was and still known as Chauvinist.
Chauvinism,by natural extension applies to blatant veneration or boastfulness about any other affliliation desides one’s country.
Thanks to Google to help me and an article I happened to read which inspired me.I welcome further words to be penned down by Bloggers!!!
Another previous post Slip Of tongue is one to cite.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Your Monster Profile
Ultima Vagabond
You Feast On: Pickles
You Lurk Around In: Sewers
You Especially Like to Torment: British People

Your Blog Should Be Blue

Your blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere.

You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant.

From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.

In a Past Life...

You Were: A Gentle Executor of Sacrifices.

Where You Lived: Chile.

How You Died: Natural causes.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Essence of Happiness

Where is Happiness?I have always pondered over it.Does it exist in external objects,things,money , people....hmm the list is endless.Nope.In true sense it lies within oneself because if one is dependent on external things the moment it ceases to exist happiness disappears along with it.
A poor man can be happy aswell.It is all about the state of mind that matters.It can be realised in small things around oneself.
Gorging on Mom made recipes,piping hot rice with pickles or being with chirpy friends,A baby's smile gives eternal bliss.If one is naturholic then watching the “elusive” rainbow, its vivid colors, drenching in the rain with arms akimbo,splashing water,jumping in puddles or making paper boats turning umbrella upside down and watching it move swiftly, having a hot cup of coffee ,staring at the azure blue sky on a sunny day,cuddling with a favourite book or just experiencing the lovely weather could gives immense happiness.These can be forever be etched in memory.What say?
It is all about loving oneself and making the environment lively with an infectious effervescent smile spreading the aura everywhere..Do not forget to smile at a person when he is down instead of trying to show sympathy."Share and care” is the golden mantra.Try to allot time for yourself and spend in introspection.It makes one evolve into a better person.If some thoughts of the past keeps haunting try learning from it and never repeat.
Hey folks,if you think iam being philosophical then try pondering once.let the New year bring good thoughts and not just be confined to a new calendar.
until then Hakuna Matata-No worries for rest of the days. Treasure every moment with your loved ones and lighten the atmosphere with humour. Afterall the effervescent smile is the curve that sets every thing straight.

Life life in full enjoyment,Live it to the fullest."Donot cry if the sun sets at the end of the day.It will not let you enjoy the beauty of stars":).