Sunday, March 25, 2007


This weekend marked the celebration of Techical fest "Innofest", organized by IIIT-B kicked off on friday the 23rd.

There were fun filled events such as Teach your professor,Abhivyakthi,DC,Informals(Themes:Inquizzitive,Harry Potter,Lord of the Rings),Mad Ads,LAN Games,Bug Samurai,Code Butter(a continous 12hr coding competition) and a game developed by the students here and brain child of Dr.Prasanna "IChess ".

The one which started with scepticism made people go green with envy as it turned out in a great way.The USP of the fest was the prizes,all gadgets.
From Playstation to XBox , iPOD ,Vista licenses ,headphones,USB Drives,Webcams, definitely this is really awesome.

Some gifts displayed

Great responses to all the events and students took part sportively.

For people who would miss to catch the World Cup match between India and Sri Lanka,it was screened in 70mm projector,sitting blissfully in the landscapes with cool breeze wafting we all guys watched keeping fingers crossed,hollering at the top of our voice,drumming,a typical Indian fan.Day2 ended meeting our Alumni, their perspective about life here and some memorable moments they shared with us.


me with Prof's and 3 of the winners

A weird pose,of course tired

Many sleepless nights but worth the effort.
kudos to all IIIT Bians!

For more info check the website

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Circle of life?

Life is very strange I say.
You see people around you and one day you no more see them.Losing friends who have been around ,you who were your seniors guiding you,thinking of enjoying themselves for a couple of days taking a break and losing their lives for fate is unimaginable.

Thinking of their parents moves me to tears.
Shubham and Sumeet(my seniors) and kapil Jamkar(a close friend of my friend) may your soul rest in peace.Amen!

I don't feel like writing any more.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tryst with Photoshop

I have tried something with Photoshop.Agreed it's aweful,but hoping to evolve better.Collaged 3 pictures and edited shapes using Office 07

Here is Bholu.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yahoo Mail Beta and Liam

I have been fida over the new "Yahoo! Mail Beta" .Excellent Web 2.0 and RI Application.
Giving an Outlook feel ,tabbed browsing,shortcuts keys shooing my touch pad for a while ...I definitely like it(with a Switch Back feature to revert in case it is not "likable").

Well for people who have slow net speed, must have seen an animated Gif's while loading the mail service,just an intelligent way of ensuring that users are not put off by the time taken to load the page,here you see this pretty cool guy called "Liam".Preety cool right?

I present some of the images collected by me over time and snatched from the Internet.Weird me? :|

Liam -Fat Belt(Recent one)

Liam being chased by Ostrich

Liam blowing heart bubbles(Occasion:Valentine's Day)

Liam on Rein Deer and galloping away

Liam on a Train(on wheels)

Liam Electric(fied?)

Liam - Shadow boxing(kewl)

Liam with a Bouncing Ball

Liam a Sumo Wrestler(looks like The Simpsons)

Liam -Break Dance(somersaulting)

Liam - Snow Ball

Liam - FIFA

Recent one

Some of them I got it here

Will update with more Gif's when I find new ones or I can be alerted here as well. :)


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not Fair yet Lovely

I mulled over certain things at this odd hour of the day(2:30 AM). Call it an eerie feeling of Déjà Vu or conglomeration of wacky thoughts ,some issues keep bowling over me.

For instance,when I see lights switched on in rooms even when there is no one or lights on in washrooms even after being used and not giving a hoot to screw the faucets properly I get irked. Well,I am a conservationist per se agreed but definitely not a person to give up things easily.I loathed leaky faucets,over flowing buckets,those pitter patter of drops on the floor and water/electricity getting wasted. At times when I wake up at 9 AM I see the corridor lights unattended in the hostel,I make a point to switch it off every time and tell the security to do the task early from next time but all to deaf ears. I don’t mind doing each day but why when wait for such a long time. The feeling goes like ,”this is not my house so why should I bother”. Are we not contributing to the electricity bill this way or adding woes to water scarcity? As goes the adage “Charity begins at home” these things should also be instilled in everyone’s mind.I got frustrated today because every time I keep reminding the house keeping/security staff the afore mentioned issues,I in return get a weird/staring look as to “why is this girl bothered so much”,eh?

Another amusing thing that strikes me now is a conversation that my neighbour had with my mom.I want my would be daughter-in-law to be fair,slim(like a stick?)….(and all other angel like qualities)”.Come on,I at times find the whole issue of “being fair implying being lovely” rather quixotic. It is not always the case that if you are fair means you are beautiful.I find dusky people more charming,beautiful and energetic.Does skin color make such a big difference?If every MIL demands for a “Oh-very-fair-hence-very-beautiful” DIL,cosmetics industry should come up with an instant face pack rather a paint which can give desired results in a jiffy.The whole point Iam trying to drive is “Can’t natural beauty be accepted?”.Just in case every matrimonial column tags wanted fair brides others will have to take a backseat or get sidelined(waiting for mera number kab aayega type thing).Why get carried away by Ad’s when most of the times it just burns a hole in out pocket or give 1-10% of expected results only?We are the way we are and should be accepted that way,is it the internal beauty that matters.

Who will bell the cat anyways?

Just felt like pouring my heart out in this post after all it is my ramblings.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Arbit Musings

Now,the little birdie{Miss KK:KrystalKlear} signs up a blog sitting next to me,when the KSM happens in full swing at 11:45 PM,trying to drive the difference between interfaces,abstract class and what not.I have also "abstractly" understood.Being a fine critic I can't stop telling her do this and that.
This post is basically to get on her nerves and irk her to the zenith.We have swapped blog url,just waiting to drop my brickbats.

All the best dear :).

Blogosphere welcomes you.

Look forward to Damsel's dream II from my end,thanks to the sequel hits of '06.

P.S.:Name of KK withheld on request.
With loads of smirks and smiles bidding adieu.