Sunday, July 23, 2006

Whistling is real fun

Yesterday while skimming through the channels I happened to watch this show called
"The Big Ticket" in Headlines Today.Assuch I love the way they whistle the songs in movies.There was this interview where a "Nagesh Sarva", person associated with bollywood for 30 years now has been interviewed.The whistling sequence in "Main Hoon Na","Barsaat",the forthcoming "Dhoom2" were all contributions.What started as a prank whistling girls now is his passion.
I love whistling very much and wish i'll start humming a tune someday.
Whistling started in the days of R.D.Burman with khamoshi being a hit.Later in "chori chori jab nazareein mili.." from kareeb and many more to site are ambrosia to ears.

I wonder how we fail to give credit to them and I tell you it's a bit difficult to whistle than to sing and get the tune according to lyrics.
Has whistling been overshadowed by singers?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Kute Kolams!

As the time is ripe for me to headstart to Hosur I had this neck deep work of cleaning home(read house keeping operations).Just when I was dusting my mom’s cupboard an old notebook caught my attention.Awed I opened.The papers were a pale yellow ocher but the designs were mesmerizing with simple dots and serpentine curves done with a pen which unfurled many memories.
That was kolam or Rangoli or Muggulu,a skill interwoven with traditional family life in TamilNadu.
I remember how my granny an early riser herself started her day by first watering the trees then spread the dung all over the frontyard evenly allowing it to set for a few minutes and drew kolam making it look beautiful with her skills with minimal erases.Dots would turn into wonderful designs in a matter of seconds and Voila! the kolam would be bordered beautifully.
Come Friday or any auspicious day there would be something called “padi kolam” with all horizontal,vertical and diagonal lines neatly drawn and bordered with something called “chemman”, a brickcolored stone like substance which when immersed in water turns soft and dipped with a small cloth spreading across the entire padi kolam appearing as a white-brick red colored combination.
More funda by my friend here:chemman means: semmaiyana man in thamizh. semmai means two things: sezhippu (bounty) and red man = soil semman = red soil

Rice flour is preferred for kolam not just for ornamental designs but also as a gesture for ants and birds as breakfast .Now its been replaced by other means wherein the white powder has some chemicals too.Colors were a strict no-no as it's considered harmful.The rice was pounded at home itself.Eco friendliness is not a new concept and has been prevalent since eons.
Drawing it requires skill and perception and whole lot of patience.
Come the month of Margazhi the frontage of houses would be welcoming with a design portrayed “Sun God”,Pongal panai and karambu(sugarcane).Even with the arrival of new child the cradle kolams ornamented our entrance.
With seasons changing kolams do change.The Pavakkai design(bitter gourd),pambu kolam(snake kolam),Mayil Kolam(peacock) and ther kolam(chariot car) decorated the frontage in a cyclic rhythm.
Granny is now old and her hands stiffened.She has lost the magic but her children have greatly inherited that art.In the world of hustle bustle these things have died down and taken a Sabbatical.Time has replaced with ready made kolam designs,impressions of them in metal with just a spread of the powder design taking forms.Even living rooms of our ancestral house were painted beautifully and that would welcome the momemt one steps in admiringly.

I have failed to learn the magic and just that I have ziltch patience I manage a decent jiffy ones in our frontyard with a nonchalant attitude of what makes the difference to draw it or not..I still remember my over enthusiastic classmates having a penchant to know new designs would exchange and even maintain notes,some elephant design to some floral designs and whatnot.All I do is watch silently.Kolams indeed have taken a step forward by its incarnation in the form of softwares but still hand drawn one is irreplacable. It's true that the coming generations would have to study that in History lessons.
“I wish kolams had a patent.”

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Damsel's Dream

The azure sky glimmered in the first streaks of dawn.I trudged into the forest humming a mild tune.The Sun splashed its first rays on the ground.
At the fork I took left;"This path is less taken I thought",with the dense overgrowth covering the entire path.There was sepulchral silence.Basking in the lap of nature I was cock-a-hoop about its glory.I headed further.A Magpie chattered somewhere,a blue Jay snazzingly cooed in its rustic mood ;the hot Sun was bearing upon me.Then I heard a soft gurgling sound making me stop at my tracks,curiosity gripping in I turned towards the sound.A small waterfall emerged out of the blue in my view.The sight made me awestruck for moments.I felt as though i would rock in a swing and sleep blissfully amidst nature's marvel.Following it a cold breeze blew which ruffled and caressed my hair.The scene resembled as if it’s been scooped out of a movie.My eyes swept across the ground and from a distant view a small lake emerged into my view..After walking a few yards a wild thought struck me.Gingerly lowereing my feet in the pristine water I began waving my legs and splashing water.The water was wonderful to feel and hear.Round pebbles finely settled in various hues and sizes gave a different ambience and I then waded to the deepest part where water reached neck deep.Here there were tiny fishes too.Standing still they started nibbling my toes and had a ticking sensation.I splashed and played,then I lay on rock with my feet ankle deep in water.A vivacious butterfly lapped on my shoulder fluttering its wings beautifilly,there I lay not to disturb it.After sometime it whirred away quietly.Indeed it is a memorabilia I thought.

Suddenly the door screaked,the curtains unfurled ,eyes drooped slashing and people hollered at the top of their voice.Plod came the knock.My reverie was broken in whiskers..I squirmed yawning whew!just a dream.Again the normal routine I snickered mustering all my strength and thought “I began my day with a nice dream”.The whiff of timelessness wafts ever. This was my dream-o-cruise.Atleast I was away from the hustle-bustle for a while.
Happy cruising!!
"These moments change my solitude to bliss"