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DropCap and Yahoo Emoticons

Have two exams tomorrow and by chance stumbled upon Deepa's blog.A great one indeed.
Testing my yahoo emoticons :| and DropCap feature.
Hope this works \:D/

Thanks to Deepa and Hans:)

Minority report becomes a reality

Favicon in Blogger

I finally succeeded in creating a favicon for my blog which i have been thinking of doing for years ;)

Take a look at the Browser's address bar.A Pisces image could be found.

To create a favicon :

» choose the desired image and convert it into a .ico(icon) file here

» Host that .ico image (Photobucket doesn't support .ico extension) in googlepages or elsewhere .This will do as it only needs Gmail ID.

» In the Template tab in Blogger,edit the html link
add the following lines in the head section immediately after the start of head tag

» For nice custom made favicons Click here

I will sometime create a better one.This is just a test.

» If still the favicon doesn't appear in IE,delete the link from Favourites in IE,clear the cache and restart the browser and link it up.


P.S: Blogger did not allow me to paste the html code as is hence the image.Apologies for the blur and low clarity.

The Most Expensive Ad

This Ad from Honda is very meticulously done.
Take a look.One of the engineering marvels :)


Updated my Quiz Blog.

check it out in Quiz blog