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No frills Mobile Computer System

Having taken a sabbatical I dust the cobwebs off here.

I happened to attend a seminar on Simputer(Mobilis),a hand held computer by Mr.Vinay,Encore Information Systems in college today.The presentation started with some hilarious comic strip of "Blondie" throwing some pointers on how at times understanding certain features become difficult,bulky software,how softwares become easily obsolete and with the question of how many people fail to use or explore all the utilities of a given software say Microsoft Office where an ordinary user requires only 30% of the features provided one is not a power user.Their motto is to make PC's cost effective,easily understandable to non-English speakers,support multi-lingual features so that it can be procured by one and all.It was one of the best seminars I attended.

Mobilis, could be used as a desktop and a laptop.,more for users than developers.The one I was shown was in AltaVista Linux(I don't remember exactly,correct me if am wron…

What's in a street's name?

Today I felt like Blogging.I am not blogging because its 'almost' impoverished but because I do not feel like doing anything per se.

I had classes from 8:30 in the morning(on weekends too :( ). I have loads of assignments to do,some stuff to study but did not feel like doing anything.Was just tired.I just sat by the side of window.
I was thinking about the conversation me,my Chittappa,his friends and Appa had about the city where we spent our formative years.
I got involved in their talk.

What's in a street name you might ask.There is lot if street names in Secunderabad are anything to go by.
Read on..

The Raj that shaped much of what is today's Secunderabad,giving it its cosmopolitan touch and distinctive feeling,still lives on.If not in the ethos ,atleast in street names like McIntyre Road,James Street,Ronald Ross Road,King's Way and so on..
True political whims more than cultural or patriotic reasons have buried most of the names under tar.But those that survive mana…

XBox 360-Desi Version

I happened to watch this Ad very recently,as I dont get to watch television.

This Desi version is cool.

Video: XBox360 India Ad - extremely funny