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Music to your blog

Here is how you include an audio file in blog. :)

Bday Song

Click on the image or link to see the song in action.

Just host your song and provide its link{I hosted in googlepages} and just a simple anchor tag. Voila!:)

The file extensions can either be wav, .aud,.mid or any other sound files. As long as the user has the helper application or plugin installed and their browser is configured to use these, the user will begin to download the file once the link or image is clicked.

Microsoft surface,Flickr and Blackle

Some of the interesting links I would like to share.

Amazing technology. Don't miss it guys.

black google would save 3000 megawatts.html

follow this interesting link. You could visit to see our very own google in action but in a dark background.(old wine in new bottle ;) )

Flickr related tag browser.

For awesome pictures give seasons/flowers as keywords and see the page in action. Tweak it and trust me you will enjoy lot more.

I use this service called dropsend to send huge attachments.It supports attachment worth 1GB. Next time you want to send some movie or huge data, you can always use this simple yet powerful service. dropsend(