Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend updates

The last two weekends were great. Having an extended weekend and being a sitting duck at college was something I wasn’t ready for. After a hurried set off to bank while returning me and B were discussing what to do all the day/rest of the days. In a jiffy I asked "Can we go to Chennai"? With no further delay yes came the response. She just loved to. After some brainstorming on it I assured the stay would be fine as my folks there are very welcoming. Unfortunately S couldn't join us. We started our sojourn at 2:00 PM. With no clue of the tension prevailing at the Hosur road we reached the bus stop. After being disappointed not to find any direct bus to Hosur we reached the border. We decided to reach there and then contemplate on to go back in case the situation was terrible as we already got the tickets :D. Two of my friends Chandru and Sreeja just then warned and pleaded me to go back to my college as situation is getting worse. Buses being burnt, broken, police convoy and the worst part commuting was hit. We were literally stranded. With this holiday mood in our mind we decided to go further especially B who was in full enthu was prepared come what may. We walked, hitch hiked, travelled by auto to reach the bus stop. When asked we were informed there were no buses plying to Chennai. After a heave we still decided to go ahead. Trust me when I say this, we changed 4 buses to reach Chennai and it was 11:45 PM by then. At the receiving end from my parents all through the journey I finally reached Guindy. Thanks to this guy who was also getting down at the same destination we felt relieved. He took care of us all through the journey and made sure we reached my mama’s house safely. Thank you M :). Hunger beckoning on one side, panickness on another we reached home. It was like the blind is leading the blind and both have fallen in the pit.
Agenda for the next day was to go to Nanganallur. We visited all the temples there and it was amazing. The architecture was great and it gave me a sense of peace. Not to forget the delectable Prasadam. Alighted a while and then to Spenser’s Plaza. Wow! What a place. All the malls in B’lore would definitely look inferior compared to this mammoth mall. Very spacious and not very crowded with so many brands and outlets. Strolled for a while, then some shopping and then the yummy Arun icecream. We tried to kill time so that we might reach Besantnagar beach evenfall. After the grub at Idli shop near then beach we met Karthik Narayan(KN). I was so glad we could meet . An evening in the beach with gentle breeze wafting and best friends by the side, I cant ask more. I did not leave this opportunity to annoy him and advice him like a granny. A little more than an hour at the beach we parted. I made an adventure while returning home aswell.
Knowing Guindy was very close to my place we got down and thanks to a guy misguiding us we landed up going to the other end. Then I thought, when in doubt go to Saidapet bus stop. With no bus for half an hour we took the mini taxi. I was almost there when I realized that the driver had taken a different route and had not stopped at my destination thinking there wasn’t any one to get down. I was so confident in recognizing the stop that after sometime when asked I was told that its been 15 mins since we crossed the stop. I was panicked. It was already 10 PM. My phone stopped functioning that evening and I cursed Motorola a hundred times for the trouble caused. Phone getting hanged, phonebook not getting loaded, calls being charged without even ringing I can’t ask more. I lost all the balance. We finally reached Madipakkam to find there were no auto’s in the stop. Even after 3 years I can’t figure out how to reach home from the bus stop. The route is a jantar mantar in itself. With gnawing hunger pangs and my folks waiting to have supper with me I just felt miserable. My uncle was so agitated at me not calling home that I was so sorry. Thanks to my cousin who made 2 round trips we finally reached home.We din't want to take risk the next day so started in the morning. Journey was okay but the bus frequency was less. Coming to B’lore from Hosur was terrible as we were literally squeezed in the bus. That ends my trip with nagging back pain but the experience was worth an adventure. My only crib was not having a digi cam to capture the beautiful places I visited.
This Friday we started off to Tirupathi. Grabbing a quick dinner at the Kamat’s we boarded the bus at 8:30 PM. We had Loads of fun in the Volvo as we were 16 girls all together. Reached Tirupathi at 1:00 AM. and just then we snoozed. We din't want to get up so early at all :(. After a shower we landed up in the queue for sudarshan tickets. We were there for 2.5 hrs. Early in the morning(at 3:00 AM) just standing for tickets made us tired. Then we went to Kalahasti, a quick breakfast and then to Tirumala. We were able to have Lord’s darshan in 2.5 hours. It was so great. Unfortunately one of my friends lost all the 16 tickets she was holding. Even buying laddu was impossible without tickets. 3 of us barefoot in the scorching 12 O’ clock heat were running pillar to post to get some supervisor’s signature. After an hour of running we managed to buy some laddus. Since we were running out of time we could not visit Padmavathi temple. We started our journey back and reached college next day at 11:30 PM. Nevertheless a journey to remember. I am still limping due to the burning feet.
P.S: Pictures of the Tirupathi trip to be uploaded soon. We couldnt take pics anywhere except when we were in the bus.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Trival post

During the project meeting

Team Lead: Ok P, so what does that alert pop up do?
P: That pop up will "pop up"