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You matter so much to me

Aug 25th 5:00 PM. Yet another evening. Boring doing mundane stuff. Almost an hour passed. Heard the schoking news of the terrible blasts in the city. Was wincing in pain. I just prayed and felt bad for the fact that for no reason innocent people lost their lives for all they wanted was some entertainment on a weekend.

Meanwhile, something else happens. I was ignorant. Next day 10:30 AM, dad unusually calling me again though I spoke to him that morning for a long time. I had this feeling of something bad happening to my loved ones.

Appa said Priya nambakuda ippo kadayadu. I got him. I reconfirmed. I said am coming to Hyd. He briefed me everything. It happened last evening about 5:30 and he came to know couple of minutes back next morning. I was shattered. I cringed and cried for hours, for days. I tried my best to reach Airport. But I was very late. I just confined myself indoors.
A true gem she was, my confidante, someone who mattered more than any of my other friends.
I was…