Monday, August 28, 2006

Vini Vidi Vici

The valiant voice of a valetudinarian finally rises vehemently in vapid speech pondering beyond the veil killng off vestige of potential passion woken from delirium by the vociferous clan, his visage contorted in anguish.Having no viable verdict in an attempt to vivify all in experience that engage his heart and intellects and after many vicissitudes of fortune sunk into abject and hopeless problems in veritable terms.
Finding no answer and having changed position to the veranda still having not got any viable response wrung hands and erased the eerie trying to vividly remember about the voluptuary virtuoso who had been so virtuous was bit by a virulent creature wincing in pain for sometime before venialling the creature. Trying to veer my thoughts I thought about him,a vegan by nature vermilion smeared on his forehead ,highly voluble and veracious who loved velvetten ,a vexillology hobbist,a humble vaudevillian veteran vowing to vanquish vice,never vacillates and hardly vacuous,versatile genius in modest terms , as a vox populi who despised vendetta politics was given a valedictory status as a person at his chivalrous best on whom all had deep veneration for he provided new vista's but has many a time been vulnerable to vicissitudes of fate.The degree of verisimilitude in the work was consistent and worth appreciating.Often seated in his verdant lawns, a voracious reader being victrious in life vouched for truth and never vented his woes.The cubicle now in the office lies vacant vanishing the thoughts of a person vis-à-vis me who loved vichyssoise and Vichy water.The verbiage veering verbosity who was on the verge of losing life never a visitation of vexation does not lie vetti on his couch at his villa but caught up with a vede mecum to provide explanation for some strange turn of thoughts.Voila,the very thought of him getting better makes me happy who called me verve vaishnavi.

P.S.:Just made an attempt to write this complicated stuff.Nosegays and brickbats are welcomed.vhevvvvvv!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Life @ IIIT-B

Finally here am after loitering in my new college campus after weeks of dillydalling taking off time to post about it.

The first days of my stay in B'lore was scary.I lost my bag and stuff.That makes another story altogether.Brings me to shudders.Visited Iskcon temple was awesome.Gave me immense solace when I visited. Talking about the college now:
Though the college campus is small,situated in Electronics city,Hosur road the verdant lawns,maintanence and infrastructure deserve a big mention.Cool breeze wafting around, the first time I drenched in the rain here,those sprawling lawns,the dew settled in the plants and grass are worth a talk.Thankfully I don't wake up from delirium by the sound of screeching brakes now.
The weather is quite chill when compared with Hyd.Eveything is fine except for the cost of living which is exorbitant to say the least.
Seniors here are very affable and hospitable and the very thought that we have to take up a project in first sem makes me cold.

Prof.Prasanna Sir's and Sadagoppan(the founder of college) Sir's talks are highly motivating,hilarious and inspirational.Makes me ponder over many aspects.
Our classroom is supposedly a mere 140 seats seminar hall with a camera always vigilant.Seating arrangements are according to roll number wise.How I wish I could sit anywhere I like with people Iam comfortable with.Alas,I shall lose my attendence that way.Thanks to my name I sit in the last row directly facing the Prof's.Even dozzing off or reading a book is difficult as iam under the trepidiation thinking when the camera will catch me red handed.This reminds me of the character Gogol in The Namesake where he intends to change his name for different reason altogether though.

Looking forward for elections in e-cell,SAC,Birthday party committee,Food committee and other paraphernalia.I have no enthu to campaign assuch.Hope I stand in magazine idea as of now.

Thanks to the delay in getting our laptop's we'r procrastinating in our assignments and have a nice reason to give to Prof's since am suffering from memory decay as its been eons since I studied.Hey,we are going to receive it very soon,so have to buckle up having errands to run.Mess food is palatable but it irkes me to stand in long lines for eons and then have lunch/supper experiencing hunger pangs quite often.Post supper walks are confined to making rounds around the college building supposedly 10 min per round getting exhausted in 2nd round itself :P. Being bilingual I have become interpreter for some friends here to translate from hindi to telugu/tamil for communicating with security men etc.Caught up with some kannada phrases too.solpa solpa

Not being used to hostel life in the first 2 weeks itself I decided to go home to see mom and dad.Thanks to Independence day and Janmaasthami which occur consecutively.Looking forward to sunday and to taste some home food.
Happy Blogging.
Enjoy maadi.
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