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Morning Raga

I was just surfing the channels to check the news at 9(it has been one yr since the kumbakonam incident happened.My heart aches when i remember that negligence somewhere costed those tiny tots lives).well some music somewhere made me put my remote aside and was elated to see that it's a was Morning Raga.casting ShabhanaAzmi,the female protoganist,Nasser,Thalaivasal vijay(Shabana's encouraging husband) and other's.... .Arka mediaworks production.the whole movie was well picturised whole movie revolves around village and the city.fantabulous classical music as the title itself suggests .excellent lip synchronization by artists!!!!
the story is quite simple .English-telugu starts with a wonderful melodious song very pleasing to hear wherein Shabhana(swarna) forces her friend to accompany her to the concert in the city.
they all start their journey in bus with their kids Madhav and Abhinay respectively and fate has something else to tell.the bus hits…

My Best Friend's Bday

Title sounds like my best friend's wedding hahaha.
Today my day started with maximum enthu.was very elated
My Best friend Swathi's was all excited to surprise her with gift.i was not keeping well but still pushed myself to college to make my friend's day special.
whew!!!real irony.she din't turn up to college.woke up late and missed the bus:(
Swathi very bad..missed u lotz.felt very desolated .

somehow dragged myself till evening.left from and priya were waiting in Ameerpet for Swathi to turn up since a long headache aggravated with an equal amount of cold and we were totally collapsed.thought we will leave.our resisitance power was subsiding.was raining heavily then.The overcast sky and incessant pitterpatter of rain.we were severely drenched.
i just love rains.just love drenching with a nice cuppa tea in hand and soft music around,making small paperboats and set it in the puddles.... but at the end of the day landup with cold and migraine and at …

Struggle for Conveyance

Day:Monday the 4th.there was a long term proposal by the RTC officials to go on Indefinite Strike .finally it was known that it was from Monday.they were intelligent enough to make it from Monday.
Reason:apart from school students getting effected college goers were badly effected too.many engneering colleges reopened that day.Even auto’s were supposedly to go on strike as that was the right time for their demands to be satisfied soon.but thank God they didn’t go.rescued!!!Complete chaos everywhere.There was palpable tension in everyone’s face.tourist buses plying as ordinary buses,school buses served the were sold at exorbitant rate.public had no other go but to shell extra bucks to reach their destination.even though public raised the voice it turned into deaf ear’s .This contributed to increase in traffic ,pollution as many opted to take their own mode of and women quickly scurrying to grab vacant seats.sprightly ones managed to squeeze the way out of…

Small things make a difference

Small things teach us a lot.ever wondered that the cherry blossom could tell something.however hard one tries ,apart from the portion where we will have to press however hard it is pressed it’s difficult to shows one has to do right thing at the right time.rather aim at the correct place then things would be easy.aiming aimlessly will not fetch is not the power or strength one has to have but the ablility to think logically and wisely.everything has a time and there is time for everything.doing right things with right efforts save a lot of timeanything done with dedication and concentration will always be triumphant.A thousand mile journey starts with a single step
"Tiny drops make mighty ocean"
is it not inquisitive thinking:)

humour for a change!!!

On a tyre store:"Invite us to ur next blow out".

At a small hotel:"We're as cheap as u r"
God is real unless declared int

On the door of the postoffice in Newyork
if that doesn't work PUSH
if that Doesn't work,we're closed.
Come Again.
God is real unless declared integer

My leisure time

Back to college from Monday.eager to see all friends,canteen banters,getting to know new faculty what not,Bus gossips trying to know what each of my friends have done this one and a half and my anxiety whewww !!
somehow tend to think what have i been doing all these Hols.lazing around just doing nothing.huh??nothing productive assuch.Efficiency 0%.would be deserved being called vetti vaish:)) .Afternoons Siesta time obviously
there came orkut inviation to my rescue from my was enjoying myself.was new then so was excited to add people,scribbling in friend's scrap and posting messages in communities. orkutting,chatting what not!!!completely into many gossips.indeed was good to add new people and friends and know each other.the only time it pisses me is when there is a page saying Bad bad server.No donut for u.apart from that cocooning ofcourse.each day try to postpone the Do's that were assigned in my priority list.i mean doing something useful ofcourse.…

What's life???

what is life???life is not a race but a journey to be savoured each step of the way.It is an echo-we get back what we is a jigsaw puzzle with most of the pieces is not measured by the number of breaths we take,but by the moments that take our breadth away....well The purpose of life us to live a life of purpose.

these are some of the the quotes about life which was told by experienced and learn scholars and iam trying to be incredibly plagiaristic in jotting them down :).for me it is still enigmatic..somewhere a live every moment as i cannot anticipate what happens ends when i stop every moment as every second is precious.learn every moment and learn from is not the number of years we live that counts but the good deeds that we have done adds value to's purpose is then served.think of yourself as an incandescent power illuminated and perhaps talked to by god and his it a wonderful voyage??migh…

Time to ponder!!!

I always appreciated the spontaneity of the newsanchors when they deliever the news.The ease with which they deliver,the perfection and enthusiasm in them,hyperactiveness,the way they present and project things,the consistency and effectiveness in their speech,their gesture, and intrepidity is worth mentioning.I thought they were great with some special traits in them but then they just deliver and interact with the celebrities but the whole process of what they have to do is told by someone else before hand but we donot spare a thought to the editors,the technicians,cameramen who have played a vital role in the coverage of the news item running from pillar to post,the hurdles faced then.Ofcourse there are people who multihandle everything but my view is more generalized.their contribution goes unnoticed and it is the anchors we appreciate a lot.the entire credit must be attributed to the crew aswell as their role is worth mentioning .their names just pop up the screen below when the …