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10 Simple Pleasures

I was tagged by Rajeev{after assuring that I’ll blog consistently and won’t disappoint him this time}.It is called some simple pleasures in life.Sounds good.Atleast makes my grey cells active and thankfully something apart from the ubiquitous siesta and fiesta to some resilience.This is the buzzword in blogosphere from quite sometime.Here are the 10 from my end.

1.Snuggle in a cozy bed with a good novel to skim through, by the side of window with nice breeze wafting in, mellifluous song being played(quaint songs double pleasant) and in parallel have something to munch and no one to disturb me.

2.Relish mango pachadi and poran poli that my Mami makes and all the yummy dishes Jeeju prepares{Slurp!!absolute delight}.Paratha’s ,icecreams and chocolates anytime ready to grab and if nothing comes my way the ubiquitous curd rice with lemon pickle{so divine} will do.

3.Enjoy the Monsoon with its myriad of moods and connotations.Drenching in the rain and then a cup of nice ginger tea,some pakodas…