Sunday, June 18, 2006

10 Simple Pleasures

I was tagged by Rajeev{after assuring that I’ll blog consistently and won’t disappoint him this time}.It is called some simple pleasures in life.Sounds good.Atleast makes my grey cells active and thankfully something apart from the ubiquitous siesta and fiesta to some resilience.This is the buzzword in blogosphere from quite sometime.Here are the 10 from my end.

1.Snuggle in a cozy bed with a good novel to skim through, by the side of window with nice breeze wafting in, mellifluous song being played(quaint songs double pleasant) and in parallel have something to munch and no one to disturb me.

2.Relish mango pachadi and poran poli that my Mami makes and all the yummy dishes Jeeju prepares{Slurp!!absolute delight}.Paratha’s ,icecreams and chocolates anytime ready to grab and if nothing comes my way the ubiquitous curd rice with lemon pickle{so divine} will do.

3.Enjoy the Monsoon with its myriad of moods and connotations.Drenching in the rain and then a cup of nice ginger tea,some pakodas or pani puri and just watch the incessant rain pitter patter of rain slam terra firma{*touch wood*,it’s indeed raining now} ,relish its effervescent smell,watch the dainty dew on the verdant leaves and then finally gaze the ravishing rainbow by craning my neck{being a natureholic can’t stop in few lines} Read more here.

4.Plough the Internet trying for some techie stuff,sneak peek into other’s blog and then catching up with close friends online for some vetti latch and pulling other's legs in conference chat{in one of the umpteen different messenger’s available;).Men are from Google and Women from yahoo :P }

5.Calling up Priya,Mahathi,Deedhi,Kiran and Karthik even if it’s meant for sometime{wait a second.Did I say for sometime?It’s for hours trust me..masked into minutes :P}

6.Try whistling :-" when no one is around and improve my handwriting{writing in left hand of course which I have lost touch looks like thanks to the jinx attached to it and hey am an ambidexterous in the making ;) }

7.Watching photo album and pestering Mom asking when this was taken and when that ..why can’t I remember anything vividly :(,visiting my ancestral home in Mumbai.Recollecting my salad days.

8.Gazing at the Crescent at night,watching the serene stars twinkle and then wake up early the morning to hear the chirping of birds when the Sun starts its retrograde motion.

9.Go on a long drive on a nice blustery day especially in the Necklace Road vicinity with those stunning lights and around the turquoise Hussainsagar lake or visit a greeting card gallery spending hours to pick a few cards and gifts.

10.Go to temple,reciting those hymns, trying to meditate and spending sometime in introspection or a long walk with my close pals and end my day writing in my diary.

Other one is hanging out with sis and jeeju dining in a good restaurant,shopping and having fun blowing holes in their pockets that is{spare a thought}..:P

Only ten so the endless list end’s here{really?}.It's been a nice reminiscence. I now tag Shashi,Priya,Sandeep,CNA,Pavan and Karthik.
Iam wondering if there exists words that start with ‘Q’ and is not followed by ‘u’{Abdul Rassaq? :P,proper noun,eh? }.Any takers?
Watch this space frequently .On this note Happy Blogging!!Check the amazing link below.