Saturday, September 30, 2006

The two point someone

Iam a bad raconteur but this is just a scoop of my life presently presenting an anthology of snippets :).

Treat this as an amphigory

Have fun!

Our college is not a johnny-come-lately.After that hurling of caps event in june by super seniors and being welcomed by a musical water fountain am here to scribe a few things.

It’s a Prof-centric college they say.But it’s a TA centric I have to say.All powers lie with them. How much I hated that bias.Cramming over endless (end-the-list) sessions,those high funda KSM{for people who don’t know it’s Knowledge Sharing Mode},those cribbing and hollering at the top of voice after surprise test and other tests are worth mentioning.

Venting my woes:

I have already become 2-point-someone{CGPA for 4 you see }.Already formed a DCH/2-point someone track here with Seema and Sreeja as the other protoganists.

Some introduction:

Seema,the over enthued,ever smiling,heart-throb of many is the SAC member(Student-Activity-Committee).She was the one primarily responsible for organizing Fresher’s night,foundation day and likewise.She is an ex-employee of Crompton greeves;).Very Happy go lucky,caring and ready to help people in any circumstance.She is more like a small kid at times and I had to persuade her for hours to ask her to study and not get complacent with understanding of a few concepts. Cribs in kannada all time.

She has formed some attachment with my room that she stays in my room all time,we trying to sleep in the same bed when trying to study or perennially checking our college mails. I miss her so much that the moment we are back to hostel we try SMSing each other and voila!we are in one room.

Purposefully,trying to chat online though we are sitting next to each other,mailing each other for fun ,using Blue Tooth to the max makes me laugh uncontrollably.We share a comfort level when it comes to copying from either one of us than from anyone else.

Sreeja the sleeping queen,who is ready to lose her lunch/dinner/classes for her sleep is another character to describe here.A Spic-Macay member(a committee which organizes cultural events) had played a major role in organizing Sitar concert fortnight ago.Another caring girl who is seen when the whole world sleeps making endless rounds around the college.She is a good listener and I have vented much to her.A Gadget freak having a fetish for the latest ones and ever ready to capture the weirdest things I and Seemado in her camera and make us laugh.She had taken good care of us when both myself and Seema were not well before the mid-terms.Another girl cribbing in Malayalam all time.

I have been a member of food-committee(earned enough brick bats),magazine/media and placement committee here.My room is adjacent to the T.V room.Alas!there is endless Saas-Bahu saga on and girls throng to watch it!Iam almost following the episodes thanks to the common wall between the two.A valid excuse for a two-point someone ;)

I have nothing to list out except that we three have spent countless amount of time cribbing,musing ,studying,,suffering hunger pangs all time cracking silly jokes,those 2.A.M morning visits to canteen to grab something to eat.We study in between our eating process you see.

Baswati a visiting member in our group is a nice sweet girl,an ex-IBM employee, ready to change parties when each of us derive fun pulling other’s leg enough to chop us off.Caught some Bengali phrases thanks to her.

It all started with our first assignment of programming where we extremely tired to write ourselves thought sharing is the best way to finish work soon and roam around.

Unlucky that we were three of us had to submit to the same TA and the software that detects assignments being copied screwed us literally.We were exclusively given another assignment which took us 7 hours to code,never did we crib so badly.All our exams have been a big disaster as of now.Imagine we chatting till 4 in the morning on the day of mid terms is a testimony to that.All my quizzes,mid terms have been disastrous and am upto disaster management strategies :)

Our friendship has grown strong.Both of them left for Dushera vacations.Somehow somewhere I was missing them and this post is to tell you friends that am glad that we all friends sharing some bond among us.

Sleeping is an eliminated option as Seema,the argus-eyed(sitting just in front of me) is ready to shake me up the moment my eyes droop,enough to make others stare at me!{I hate you for that :D }.How I wish I slept in KVD's and ALgo class blissfully :(

Thanks Seema,Sreeja and Baswati for being such a nice friend of mine >:D<.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hues and Shades!

Basking in the lap of Nature

A Rustic View..................

Nature's Marvel

Saturday, September 09, 2006

An Interesting Game!

After a tiresome night cupping in an exam I opened my Inbox to find an e-mail with subject named "An interesting game" sent by Mayank Raj which has been circulating in blogosphere.In a quest to refresh myself and Arvind started off with it(took 2 hours :( ).Voila I could see the granny dancing \o/ whose pic reminded me of the grandmother of Peter in Heidi.
Try playing this:
Its awesome.
The first few flips might make you feel boring but the pages post 12 took me on a ride.
Every page carries a sufficient hint to the subsequent page.
Navigating through the first page is pretty simple.Type 2.html
Since the word two was punched there,it carries hint for third page.Type three.html.
Page 3 has roman numeral hint.So understandingly the next page has to be iv.html.
Lucid explanations stop here.Page 4 is written as ruof enough to carry hint.Type evif.html
Page 5 says:ffiivvee,nevertheless the next link ought to be ssiixx.html.
Page 6 has 6 6's to hint that page 7 would have 7 7's.Type 7777777.html
Page 7 has uranus as its hint .Its the 7th planet in the Solar System.Hence page 8 would be Neptune.html
Page 8 has the hint:acht.Its by googling that I found acht in german means 8.Hence page 9 would be neun.html
Page 9 has hint:sept which is sufficient to say the next page is oct.html
Page 10 has a 10 spade meaning the next key is jack.html
Page 11 has the key eLeVeN that means next page is tWeLvE.html
Page 12 has the number 144(12*12) meaning page 13 has 169(13*13).That is 169.html
Most of the above are self-explanatory.
Page 13 kinda took time as I started thinking of all possibilities of the link with word night/black and went to the extent of typing #000000(hexa code for black) giving me the message:Directory snooping is strictly prohibited!Be gone,hacker!! :P .Took heck of time for me to think of placing the mouse pointer in the middle of screen to get number13 that means next page is number14.html. (was li'l tricky indeed)

Page 14 has the word catorce(GOK!!).Its number 14 in Spanish so the answer would be quince.html
Page 15 has buchanan in it.James Buchanan was the 15th President of The USA.Obviously the hint is Abraham Lincon who was the 16th president.Meaning the next page is lincoln.html.

Sedicim is 16 in Latin,so it would be septemdecim.html for page 17
Page 17 has 10001,implies the binary eqvivalent of 17.So its 10010.html for page 18
Argon is the 18th element in the periodic table,so the probable one would be potassium(k) which is 19th element.

Now the real trap.There was the keyword ojofuffo whose search results generated a philisophical link and I decided to give up after finite amount of thinking as it sounded meaningless for me.
The result looked something like this:

The concept of "infinity" is not like "ojofuffo". You know the meaning of infinity but you cannot comprehend it. But, you neither know the meaning of ...
Mind, body and God. This is a Bermuda Triangle which philosophers have been struggling with for centuries. They have demonstrated positions ranging on all possible combinations and permutations: All three exist... Only mind exists... Mind and body exist, while God is created by our mind... Body is the essence and mind is a function of the body... Only universal spirit, that is God exists... Mind is the first... No, body is the first... Neither, God is the first... So on so forth. Here we will demonstrate, compare and contrast the opinions of Descartes and Berkeley on the interaction and relation between the two corners of the triangle: Mind and God.

Wheww!it did have a meaning and pretty much makes sense.How on Earth can it be related to 20 or any other search results for languages failed too.grr!Finally I found a post with the answer.
It's like:a becomes b,b=c,......
so nineteen is ojofuffo hence twenty is uxfouz.Alas!bringing me some respite.

On a quick note icosagon is a 20 sided polygon hence the result is icosihnagon which means a 21 sided polygon.
The next hint is Fibonacci series(Remember DaVinci Code??!).1,1,2,3,5,8...........10496.I made a guess that it must be the 21st fibonacci number.So the next number would be 17711.

The next navigation produces words such as Aoozy,Booyy,Cooxy......Vooey sufficiently hinting the final word os Woody.The end of the game! :)
Voila !the Grandma is all excited and the page yield a congratulatory note.The pic looks like the one above.

Its by IIM.:).check it out.
Feedbacks about the posts are welcomed!:)