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The two point someone

Iam a bad raconteur but this is just a scoop of my life presently presenting an anthology of snippets :).
Treat this as an amphigoryHave fun!Our college is not a johnny-come-lately.After that hurling of caps event in june by super seniors and being welcomed by a musical water fountain am here to scribe a few things.It’s a Prof-centric college they say.But it’s a TA centric I have to say.All powers lie with them. How much I hated that bias.Cramming over endless (end-the-list) sessions,those high funda KSM{for people who don’t know it’s Knowledge Sharing Mode},those cribbing and hollering at the top of voice after surprise test and other tests are worth mentioning. Venting my woes: I have already become 2-point-someone{CGPA for 4 you see }.Already formed a DCH/2-point someone track here with Seema and Sreeja as the other protoganists. Some introduction: Seema,the over enthued,ever smiling,heart-throb of many is the SAC member(Student-Activity-Committee).She was the one primarily responsible …

Hues and Shades!

Baskinginthe lapofNature

A Rustic View..................


An Interesting Game!

After a tiresome night cupping in an exam I opened my Inbox to find an e-mail with subject named "An interesting game" sent by Mayank Raj which has been circulating in blogosphere.In a quest to refresh myself and Arvind started off with it(took 2 hours :( ).Voila I could see the granny dancing \o/ whose pic reminded me of the grandmother of Peter in Heidi.
Try playing this:
Its awesome.
The first few flips might make you feel boring but the pages post 12 took me on a ride.
Every page carries a sufficient hint to the subsequent page.
Navigating through the first page is pretty simple.Type 2.html
Since the word two was punched there,it carries hint for third page.Type three.html.
Page 3 has roman numeral hint.So understandingly the next page has to be iv.html.
Lucid explanations stop here.Page 4 is written as ruof enough to carry hint.Type evif.html
Page 5 says:ffiivvee,nevertheless the next link ought to be ssiixx.html.
Page 6 has 6 6…