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Weekend updates

The last two weekends were great. Having an extended weekend and being a sitting duck at college was something I wasn’t ready for. After a hurried set off to bank while returning me and B were discussing what to do all the day/rest of the days. In a jiffy I asked "Can we go to Chennai"? With no further delay yes came the response. She just loved to. After some brainstorming on it I assured the stay would be fine as my folks there are very welcoming. Unfortunately S couldn't join us. We started our sojourn at 2:00 PM. With no clue of the tension prevailing at the Hosur road we reached the bus stop. After being disappointed not to find any direct bus to Hosur we reached the border. We decided to reach there and then contemplate on to go back in case the situation was terrible as we already got the tickets :D. Two of my friends Chandru and Sreeja just then warned and pleaded me to go back to my college as situation is getting worse. Buses being burnt, broken, police convoy…

A Trival post

During the project meeting

Team Lead: Ok P, so what does that alert pop up do?
P: That pop up will "pop up"