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My takeaway

I commute to office by public transport. Once in a while I see a Grandmother 80 something traveling by bus. I always wanted to talk to her. Amused by the fact that she takes daily pass I wondered if she travels all day. She sat next to me and I wanted to start a conversation. Started with kannada but couldn't continue much as I am not that fluent. Tried to ask if she understands tamil and I was happy to get a positive response.
I asked her what makes her travel all day and pat came the reply. I get daily pass and the moment my task is done by afternoon I hand it over to some person in the bus stop who cannot afford buying one so that they can use it till 12 AM. I was very touched by her gesture and thought next time I will do the same.

BTW, she laughed all through the conversation though she revealed how sometimes she gets treated at home.