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Vini Vidi Vici

The valiant voice of a valetudinarian finally rises vehemently in vapid speech pondering beyond the veil killng off vestige of potential passion woken from delirium by the vociferous clan, his visage contorted in anguish.Having no viable verdict in an attempt to vivify all in experience that engage his heart and intellects and after many vicissitudes of fortune sunk into abject and hopeless problems in veritable terms. Finding no answer and having changed position to the veranda still having not got any viable response wrung hands and erased the eerie trying to vividly remember about the voluptuary virtuoso who had been so virtuous was bit by a virulent creature wincing in pain for sometime before venialling the creature. Trying to veer my thoughts I thought about him,a vegan by nature vermilion smeared on his forehead ,highly voluble and veracious who loved velvetten ,a vexillology hobbist,a humble vaudevillian veteran vowing to vanquish vice,never vacillates and hardly vacuous,versat…

Life @ IIIT-B

Finally here am after loitering in my new college campus after weeks of dillydalling taking off time to post about it.

The first days of my stay in B'lore was scary.I lost my bag and stuff.That makes another story altogether.Brings me to shudders.Visited Iskcon temple was awesome.Gave me immense solace when I visited. Talking about the college now:
Though the college campus is small,situated in Electronics city,Hosur road the verdant lawns,maintanence and infrastructure deserve a big mention.Cool breeze wafting around, the first time I drenched in the rain here,those sprawling lawns,the dew settled in the plants and grass are worth a talk.Thankfully I don't wake up from delirium by the sound of screeching brakes now.
The weather is quite chill when compared with Hyd.Eveything is fine except for the cost of living which is exorbitant to say the least.
Seniors here are very affable and hospitable and the very thought that we have to take up a project in first sem makes me cold.