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The weird tag

Harini tagged me to write about eight weird/arbit things and tag eight people to do the same. Not pretty good at writing one.
Here goes my list :
8. I want to write a mobile virus which spreads via MMS/bluetooth or through a game via trojan and install a key logger and track other's activities .7. I make somersault in slumber. There were several instances when I knocked myself against the wall slipped from the cot and rolled under the bed. I used to use my sister's hand as pillow and put my legs on her. Poor her :P.8. I like reading children story books. I still love reading Roald Dahl’s collections, Alice in Wonderland, Heidi and Daddy Long Legs. I love watching Tom and Jerry too.Makes me feel nice :).
6. I make weird faces when am not comfortable talking to some people so much so that at times I just give them a stare and embarrass them especially when they have this put on accent.
5. I love spoonerisms so whenever I goof up I attribute to spoonerism.{ It is kisstomary to cuss t…

Karthik's, Srinivas',Swathis's,Manjunath' s and Subramanian's

I was always in conundrum with my identity. Atleast I thought so. Born in Mumbai, brought up in Hyderabad, for almost an year now in Bangalore and a tamilian by heart and soul, the thair sadam girl in our clan I had difficulty with respect to my domicile. Au contraire I was fortunate to know people from various cities, their style of living, food culture and their stance on people from other communities.{Read the tamilians on Telugus and vice versa, The Kannadigas on Chennaities, The Iyer’s on Iyengar’s, The Reddy’s on the Brahmins so on so forth ….}
Stand in T-Nagar {Tyagaraja Nagar, a popular street(?) in Chennai famous for shopping(?)) holler out “Karthik” and trust me atleast couple of guys would turn. Any permutation, combination of the ubiquitous Karthik say Karthik Narayan,Karthik Kannan, Karthik Kumar,Karthikeyan,Karthik Giri...suffix with it or prefix with it you name it you have it. They are mushroomed as much as the malls in Bangalore. I wonder parents’ affinity for naming t…