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The joy of seeing a photo album

Every time I go home the first thing that catches my attention is our family photo frame perched above the T.V stand. The feeling of holding it brings me the memory of all the things that happened when that picture was taken. I touch it gently and think of how different or similar people in the family pic look and can’t help smiling. Quiet a few pictures neatly arranged in an album carefully preserved in a suitcase; every photo counts. I remember telling my dad to ask the photographer to take another snap when the print came out for my 10th standard application, that it looks like a mug shot and I am not going for it especially for my board exams but no retakes! Every time I skim through the album I spot something new and the joy it brings cannot be expressed. Trying to give the best smile, wearing the best dress, awaiting the photo print is all I can think of.

Now that I own a digital camera I click a picture for no reason. I sometimes overdo it, dump it somewhere i…