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Lost in a crowded place

Why do I feel so lost?

When I talk to a person only to realize their concentration is on music on the FM radio

When I chat with a person only to realize they are busy sprucing up their farm or city or fish tank

When we have dinner together only to find they are engrossed in watching a movie than asking how was your day

Why have I rejected something that I have always wanted though it came in a different flavour, color and texture? For good or worse?

Why do I expect everyone to acknowledge things the way I want it ?

Why am I smiling superficially when my heart cries internally?

It feels like everyone is around, but no one to give a patient hearing, no one to pat my back, no one to reveal my emotions with.

You find yourself in a market place with people of different ages around, the kids chirping, elders busy shopping yet I long for spotting someone very familiar to me, who would come running towards me with a ear to ear smile and ask me my whereabouts.

*This post is partly fabricated