Lost in a crowded place

Why do I feel so lost?

When I talk to a person only to realize their concentration is on music on the FM radio

When I chat with a person only to realize they are busy sprucing up their farm or city or fish tank

When we have dinner together only to find they are engrossed in watching a movie than asking how was your day

Why have I rejected something that I have always wanted though it came in a different flavour, color and texture? For good or worse?

Why do I expect everyone to acknowledge things the way I want it ?

Why am I smiling superficially when my heart cries internally?

It feels like everyone is around, but no one to give a patient hearing, no one to pat my back, no one to reveal my emotions with.

You find yourself in a market place with people of different ages around, the kids chirping, elders busy shopping yet I long for spotting someone very familiar to me, who would come running towards me with a ear to ear smile and ask me my whereabouts.

*This post is partly fabricated


AS said…
This is some thing a few realize, and more so pen it down in the excellent way you have done.
SSS said…
Almost every girl thinks in this way...and one day she'll understand that giving support is more than worthier than expecting in return...

Well written dear...:)
SSS said…
Almost every girl would think in the same way...but translating one's own feelings into the words that explain more than our thoughts are more than appreciating...

:) One day we'll realize that giving out the support would be more worthier than expecting the same in return...

Nice Writing...
KParthasarathi said…
All questions ring very familiar and interesting.But then if we start thinking about others instead of ourselves, may be such doubts would vanish.If we kill the 'I' and 'me', things would acquire a new perspective I feel.What say you?

It is more than a month and half since you posted.Busy?

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