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Stressed out, Really?

Certain things bring about calmness in my mind. Just penning them here.

A long walk along the beach, sea breeze brushing my face, stroking my hair gently. Sitting there in solitude and gazing at the waves, its gushing sound reminding me that I am not alone

Watching sunrise or sunset and observing the canvas Mother Nature created in the sky. The hues, the pattern, the calmness...Ah!total bliss.

Watching movement of a school of fish or petting a dog

Standing for a long time in the balcony, overlooking the bustling streets, devotional songs from an adjacent temple being played in the background, the fragrance of camphor, the chirping of birds...

Watching Tom and Jerry, laughing out on the pranks played by Jerry. An assurance that no matter how much destruction one does to another or how smudgy the characters become, they bounce back to normalcy.

Whipping a recipe of which I have got no clue, concocting with available veggies and spices

Writing about something I have no idea of, like I a…

My love!

My dear valentine!
   You came into my life like a whiff of fresh breeze!You have been my strength for 6 years now. A little naughty, that baby like smile, those chubby cheeks, those sweet nothings, that inquisitiveness to tickle me all the time, feeding me food like a baby, being my pillar when I need the most, a soft cushion to lie on, your patience in teaching me anything and everything, those drives with you, holding my hand when I am nervous, those hearty laughs....

This post is to tell you how much I love you, how much I miss you. Our love turned into a strong commitment and a healthy relationship. You are one of the best things that happened in my life. Happy valentine's day sweetheart!  Wish you a great career and rocking life ahead. A big bear hug to you.