Stressed out, Really?

Certain things bring about calmness in my mind. Just penning them here.

A long walk along the beach, sea breeze brushing my face, stroking my hair gently. Sitting there in solitude and gazing at the waves, its gushing sound reminding me that I am not alone

Watching sunrise or sunset and observing the canvas Mother Nature created in the sky. The hues, the pattern, the calmness...Ah!total bliss.

Watching movement of a school of fish or petting a dog

Standing for a long time in the balcony, overlooking the bustling streets, devotional songs from an adjacent temple being played in the background, the fragrance of camphor, the chirping of birds...

Watching Tom and Jerry, laughing out on the pranks played by Jerry. An assurance that no matter how much destruction one does to another or how smudgy the characters become, they bounce back to normalcy.

Whipping a recipe of which I have got no clue, concocting with available veggies and spices

Writing about something I have no idea of, like I am doing right now

Playing with my neighbour's kid and being a part of all the pranks

Waking up early the morning and taking a walk along the park

Practise writing with my left hand

Waking up at 4 AM and meditating. Thinking of nothing in particular

Standing near a bouquet shop and looking at the colorful flowers delicately packed awaiting to be spruced up in someone's home

Drenching in the rain intentionally, turn the umberlla topsy turvy making paper boat and letting them afloat merrily

Come home after a long day at work and make myself a mug full of masala chai

Walking or sprinting as much as possible, that too aimless and without any direction, figuring out new routes, new vistas. I usually get down 2-3 kms before I reach my destination when I feel like
and explore new lanes.*
Learning a new language and trying to get better at it by talking

Which one does calm you. Share it across. I am all ears :)

Feel serene. Adieu.

*Work in progress


Lakshmipathy said…
Nice to hear vaishnavi. For me motta madila paduthutu nilavelichathula appadiyey ilayaraja music pottudu thanniya paduthurukka pudikkum. Friends oda Night varaikkum Sittu vilanduttu some pranks some talks some jokes Nothing related with career, work or normal life just like a kids who enjoys just doing rather than thinking those time with friends is enjoyable. A lunch or a dinner with some close friends. No mails in the inbox one day. Suddenly next day to see 45 mails from the friends is so nice. intha mathiri.. nice... u got me thinking... :) :)

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