Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Intangible & Amazing friendship

"Good friends are hard to find difficult to leave and impossible to forget".
Friends mean a loot in everyone's life and play a vital role too.They are the elixer of our lives that makes us go around,brightning our lives & bringing sparkle to our eyes.Have a good friend in life and life is like "Bed of roses".But a strain somewhere will make matters worse.It is a very fragile relation.When u have them u feel heaven but when u don't :(( .
Not only do friends awaken the best within us,they also arouse our sense of friendliness-A friend's friend is a friend(An enemy's enemy is friend too;) jk)
It is an absolutely unique relationship,strengthening with passage of time and withstanding all tests of time.Celebrated all over the world on First Sunday of August,the origin is unclear.The U.S Congress sanctioned National Friendship day in 1935 as a special day to honour and celebrate friendships.In 1997,the U.N named Winnie The Pooh as the world's Friendship Ambassador.

Deep down in every human heart is the need to serve the greater good.An intangible need to find a cause even as life renders its fulfilment difficult and impossible.
Bands with a cause:The belief that in some small way one could make a difference before some edge of reality intervenes.It is this insight that has provided the trigger for Bands-with-a-cause.Currently a hot rage,charity bands are like tribe marks of old.Members are united through the bands they have sported.An unspoken connection of oneness and solidarity was established and tribe recognised its own codes of communication. Symbols and signs united secret socities like the Free Masons and readers of The Davinci code aswell as the author Conan Doyle.
Every band supports a charity or a cause.The original cause band was sponsered by Nike and spotsman Lance Armstrong(ultimate!!) to support cancer.Each band sports a color that tells the cause and it has guiding principle etched on it.Yellow stands for fight against Cancer and its supporting guidance principle is Live Strong.The Live free,Smoke free band is orange in color and helps proclaim Anti-Smoking stance or personal fight against smoking.The Courage band is red and supports AIDS research.The black-and-white band helps to take a stand against Racism and for racial and cultural equality as the world slides back into intolerance.The tsunami relief band is aqua blue and has the words "One world,One cause" and there are many more.It is important to see whether the bands worn are real or not.But once worn,commitment is to be choosen.Wear it with a pride.It communicates non-verbally to any one who recognise it,that you care(Read this article).
Friendships are Stress buster.True friendships are not need based,they continue to thrive even when there is no need.Time spent with them uplifts mood,banishes the blues by pepping up our lives.It is a lifelong process. Have a true friend and there makes a difference.:)
This year was too good.Orkut invitation made me gain good friends.karthik,Sandeep,Rajeev{The trio very chirpy and lively friends},Kiran(a very understanding and modest person),Gangadhar(thanks for being such a gr88 friend){all of them my best orkut pals,lucky to know u ppl},Pavan kumar,Kesavan(another modest genius),Prasanna Hegde(my super senior,whom i could get in touch through orkut:)),Nirmal(a wonderful person),Arvind(a very nice dear friend),Vikram(u r great),Somprakash{all my close pals,who made a difference},Reena my sweet coll junior,Viji and Vidya my sweet orkut sisters ,Pattie the elixer(love u and ur care for friends:)) and many more ..thanku friends.U made me feel special and brought the best of me and above all have been so good to me.{"You people think iam a good egg even though iam slightly cracked"}.I owe a lot to u people and hope i shall remain in touch as long as possible.Thanks for all the testimonials i am given.Iam honoured really.Special thanks to Mashek(:(()&Sandeep(childhood friends whom i can never forget my 15 yrs of association),my school friends Revathi,Shweta(Gonna become Dr.Shweta,the only girl who opted medicine in my network),my Inter collegemate Meenkshi(a wonderful and caring girl with whom i spent loveliest years of my life).Engg mates Swathi,Priya(i have no words to say about u the ultimate!!),Poornima,Madhavi,Mahathi(who has been a good listener and an excellent friend one can bank upon in tuff times) ,Vinayak,Raghuttham(spl. thanks it is thru u i got the invitation :)),Venkatesh,Vauhini deedhi(more a friend than my sister)and all others.Just incase i forgot to mention ur names iam sorry,might be out of my mind while blogging.I owe to all my friends by whose grace iam to this extent.I wish u people all the very best in ur future endeavours and great grand success in life and career.
All u friends are jigsaw puzzle in my life,each one having a special role and i cannot lose any of u.All you people mean a loot and make a difference.Thanks a ton.Merci beaucoup :)
Dear friends "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched.They must be felt with the heart".Truth and tears clear the way to Deep and everlasting friendship.It is never serene.
Love u all :)

nicest ones ever seen!!!

tension free

Happy Independence day!!!

Happy Independence Day!!!
I salute all the great people who sacrificed their lives for our country :)
Iam proud to be an Indian!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Rainbow~The harbinger of happiness!!!:)

Once upon a time,The colors of the world Started to quarrel.All claimed they were the best,The most important,The most useful,the favourite.
"GREEN" said, "Clearly Iam the most important..... Iam the sign of life and of hope; I was chosen for graves,trees and leaves, Without me,all animals would die; Look over the countrysideAnd you will see that Iam in the majority."
"BLUE" interrupted, "You only think about Earth, But consider the sky and the sea... It is the water that is the basis of life And it is drawn up by the clouds from the deep sea; The sky gives space and peace and serenity, Without my peace,you would be nothing."
"YELLOW" chuckled, "you are all serious... I bring laughter,gaiety,and warmth into the world,The sun,the moon and the stars are all yellow; Every time you look at a sunflower, The whole world starts to smile, Without me there would be no fun."
"ORANGE" started next to blow her trumpet...."Iam the color of health and strength,I may be scarce,but I am preciousFor serve the needs of human life,I carry the most important vitamins;Think of carrots,pumpkins,oranges and mangoes,I Don't hang around al the time,But when I do,I do fill the sky at sunrise or sunset,My beauty is so striking that no one gives another thought to any of you."
"RED" could stand it no longer and he shouted out... "Iam the ruler of all of you! Iam the's blood;Without me,the earth would be as empty as the moon, Iam the color of passion and of love,The red rose,the poinsettia and poppy."
"PURPLE" rose up to his full height,He was very tall and spoke with a great pomp... "Iam the color of royalty and pomp,Kings,chiefs,and bishops have always chosen me,for iam the sign of authority and wisdom,People do not question me!They listen and obey."
Finally "INDIGO" spoke,Much more quietly than all others,But with just as much determination.."Think of me.Iam the color of silence.You hardly notice me, But without ,e you all become superficial;I represent thought and reflection,twilight and deep water,You need me for balance and contrast,for prayer and inner peace."
And so the colors went on boasting,Each convinced of his or her own superiority.Their quarreling became louder and louder.Suddenly there was a startling flash of bright lightning! Thunder rolled and boomed!Rain started to pour down relentlessly. The colors crounched down in fear,Drawing close to one another for comfort.
In the midst of the clamor,"RAIN" began to speak...."You foolish colors,fighting amongst yourselves,Each trying to dominate the rest;Don't you know that you were each made for a special purpose,unique and different?Join hands with one another and come to me."
Doing as they were told,the colors united and joined hands. The rain continued,"from now on,when it rains,Each of you will stretch across the sky In a great blow of color as a reminder That you can all live in peace."The rainbow is a sign of hope for tomorrow."
And so,whenever a good rain washes the world,and a Rainbow appears in the sky,let us remember to appreciate one another.There is something very SPECIAL in each and every one of us.We have all been gifted with the ability to make a DIFFERENCE
If we can become AWARE of that GIFT,we gain through the STRENGTH of our VISION,that is the POWER to SHAPE THE FUTURE.

Rainbow indeed is the harbinger of happiness filling life with its splendid colors and charm :).Just a look at it will give all solace believe me.It definitely rev up the spirits and boosts confidence and quadraples happiness.Hope this post makes a good reading.It is one of the niceseseseset thing i ever got to get.Don't miss to have a glimpse of Rainbow the next time.I have been an admirer of the rain and the rainbow and here is an instance of it:)
Catch u Friends here very soon
Happy reading and blogging

Monday, August 08, 2005

Celebrating the Monsoon

Monsoon in India comes laden with a myriad moods and connotations,poetry,floods,fertility art and affection woven in the colors of Rainbow.It is a time when the sky is heavily overcast and rolls of thunder growl threateningly and its grippling aura suggests a sombre depth.
When it rains there is sheer of joy.The pall of gloom that has enveloped disappears totally rejuvenating spirits.It welcomes festivals after the somnolent summers with a sense of elation engulfying inner nerves and perking up my senses.
Raining cats and dogs??not the whacky movie where cats & dogs slug it out with eachother remainding of the war of worlds in a way.
Iam not talking about the torrential rains that brought shudders to Mumbaikars leaving melancholic and damp neither the sapping humidity.This is all about rain that has been falling from skies now that South West monsoon has firmly ensconced itself .

If you are peeking at the incessant pitter patter from a window struck high you really are not doing anything to celebrate.Get off that high rise and get your feet all squelchy in the mud.
If there are hundred other things that have taken the joy away from singing in the rain,there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the bliss.It brings Halcyon moments to me.
For starters,there's the great's a gorgeous day with pleasant,sharp showers late in the afternoon.Flooded roads are a strict no-no.
Finding a clean puddle in the middle of a green-as-ever park and wade through or shaking a tree and njoying the dew..Given roadside icecreams,kulfi on one end or panipuri,peanuts roasted over hot open fire coupled with nothing else tasting like Irani masala chai or home made one with chirpy old friends striding lanquidly when it is pitterpattering outside you need nothing more.keep chills at bay trying rain-walk .

Here's how-umbrella rolled up,arms akimbo,making paperboats perhaps watching it move slowly in the tiny waves.after the rain stops watch the dusk,The Sun set in hiding with dark clouds around dominating and waiting eagerly to watch if there arrives rainbow to fill the sky with colors intimating the stop of rain.Early morning drizzle with sonorous voice of birds that herald spring sound's great as well.After all this cuddle up by the window read a favourite book slouching on the rocking chair with a nice music tuned,with pet doggy beside you or watching TV flicking the remote and surfing the channel or a blissful sleep.I would rather love spending time alone gazing the sky or enjoying the mild music by Wind Chimes when there is a mild breeze.

Be safe,have fun.
There is more to life than being huddled in the rain-coat.welcome it with a cheerful smile and when it is drizzling try drenching :)
Rain is indeed a wonderful blessing.Experience it yourself and you will know better.Its my time to say now "Rain,Rain come again not so little me want to play"

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Corn Club~~~my unusual Saturday

This Saturday was quite awesome and eventful for me!!!i thought i lost consistency in updating my blog but was wrong. iam again here to add charm to moi blog:)
njoyed having chat with couple of my close friends having funtime in the afternoon and then with another close friend of mine.all said and done after making some self cooked recipe was allset to leave to my sis dearest Vauhini's place.was Amazing!!!
meeting her n BIL after a real looong time n afterall "home is where the heart is".it is real heaven in my terms.such a peaceful place,giving me umpteen solace with all greenery and fine breeze and ofcourse hospitable people what more do i need.on the way while going it was drizzling and me njoying lil bit of revs up my spirit.
finally after a 1 1/2 hr of journey to Nizampet & endless traffic jam in the peak time reached there.
i had many things in my mind to do after i reach there.My sis is like my best friend more than a sister,precisely Hutch Dog:).was discussing abt Friendship day n stuff..i still remember me n my BIL had a tiny argument loong ago on whether is it really necessary to have all these Mother's,Father's day and all..he opined this is all for the sale of cards spread by galleries and there is no point in specifically showing how much we care for friends and relations on a particular day.well i thought for a while then i said "u cannot give or show care for ppl who care for u daily".it is the day where u express ur feeling thru some means..hence the really makes them feel special and how they matter to us. token of gratitude it is:)....digressed
gave flying visit to the Lord Balaji temple in the Bhavya's Anandam apts(the apts where they reside),very peaceful and nice temple and not forgetting to take the prasadam "pulihora" (yummy my favo Andhra tamarind rice rocks..uncomparable)from them n quick visit to another rels. was hinting papa to be out quick my mind being somehwere.
again came back to sis place in I block from rels place in F block
watttta surprise "Aloo paratha's" ,samolina payasam were to be kinda helped her..literally gorged it :),more commenting and glib talking with min help max eating business startegy obvi..i was cautious enuf to eat a lil thou wanted to devour them literally.
had been pestering her that we all shud make it up to "Corn Club" in the vicinity..we did,papa in one Activa and sis BIL in another. vrooooom kinda pillion riding:))!!!

wheewww!!amazing ambience set there.all shades of corn color..mild yellow green with nice music.gave us a hearty welcome.thou a small place was nice indeed.was shocked to see the menu card.SLURP!!!all corn based only(as the restaurant name itself suggests).even the oil used is corn oil.Corn meals,corn samosa,corn Hotdog,corn ragada,corn soup{err no corn flakes,popcorns n corn payasam rescued :P!!!},corn save puri,corn fried rice to name a few!!i was flabbergasted @once.still wid my sis help ordered Baby Corn fingers,corn samosa,corn sandwich and corn franky.even the sauce was of corn:)).she is a regular customer afterall;),there was a discussion on how these were made but i was least bothered..eating was my prime criteria and if it tasted good nothing else matters to me.glutton out there.
was quite relishing,enticing and superb..i was kinda scolding(pyaar se) my sis for making me eat so many parathas which made me eat very lil of all these...somehow being a real gourmand managed to do i forget not to have icecreams which is a "quintesential" for me everywhere(taken for granted,an integral part of moi life).my sis was have a nice time asking me to eat everything inspite of knowing that my saturation reached...LOL,was pulling my leg obvo!!still ordered Kesar Pista and Pista Badam icecream with dollop of nuts(more to irk her and shell money and less of eating).Afterall "icecream is so divine".anytime anywhere iam ready and if it is raining then double maaza for me
it was almost 10 bythen.we had plan of going to the Titan showroom but in wud have been closed(since i have to buy one for me else least matters if it is closed or open)..too late actually.still i wanted my papa gave a half hearted set,returned home..was kinda excited to get a watch but guess have to wait and watch for THE WATCH sometime :((

never mind i had a nice time with my people and thanku deedhi and attim for such a pretty,
fa(u)ntastic treat..was really a kind gesture from u ppl and wud luv to pay visits to cornclub often heheh..purse shud never go on diet afterall:)) shud be Obese:P always
u matter a lot to me dear. very spl one to me who had understood the "real me"
i shall signout as a caterpillar and be back as a butterfly flapping wings on the lazy weekend but would not throw the cocoon out
today is Friendship day so makkal "Happy Friendship day" to all..stay happy and make other's happy and "Live In Full Enjoyment and live it to the fullest" :)
expect a couple of posts soon.
till then happy blogging!!!! and have a fun filled,prodigious,jubilant sunday!!!!
albidaa friends

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Powered by intellect driven by values!!!Infy rocks

He was short. He was sharp. He was the brightest boy in his class. His seniors would ask him to solve their difficulties in Science. He could have go unnoticed in the crowd, but once you asked him a question relatedto Physics or Maths, there was a spark in his eyes. Hecould Grasp theories of Science faster than the speedof light. He came from a poor but educated family. Hisfather was a high-school teacher and an avid reader ofenglish literature. He, like all the boys int he classwas trying to get admission into some engineeringcollege. The brighter ones wanted to study in heIndian Institutes of Technology, or the IIT's. Therewas an entrance test for IIT.T his boy, along with hisfriends applied to appear for the test. They did nothave any special books or coaching. All these IITaspirants would sit below the shade of a stone mantapclose to chamundi hills in the sleepy town of Mysore.He was a guide for others. While the others struggled to solve problems in the question paper,he would smileshyly and solve them in no time. He sat below a treeand dreamt of studying at IIt.He ! was then onlysixteen years old. D-Day came.He came to Bangalore, stayed withsome relatives and appeared for the entrance test. Hedid very well but would only say "OK" when asked. Itwas the opposite when it came to food...."OK" impliedbad, "good" implied ok, and "very good" implied good!!His principle was never to hurt anyone.... The IIt entrance resutls came. He had passedwith flying colors and the hightest rank. He wasthrilled! He went to his father who was reading anewspaper. "ANNA,I have passed the exam" "WEll done, My Boy". "I want to join IIT". His father stopped reading the paper. He lifted hishead, Looked at the boy and said with a heavy voice"You know our financial position, and i cannot afford your expenses at IIT. You can stay in Mysore and learnas much as you want. "His father was sad that he hadto tell the bitter truth, but it could not be helped. The teenager was dissappointed. He was so nearto fulfilling his fondest dream ,yet so far.His heartsank in sorrow. He did not reply. He never shared his unhappineswith anyone. He was an introvert by nature. His heartwas bleeding but he did not get angry with anyone. The day came, his classmates were leaving formadras(today called chennai).They were leaving fromMysore to chennai. They had shared good years atschool and he went to wish them good luck for theirfuture. At the station his friends were already there.They were excited and discussing their new hostels,newcourses etc. So he stood there silently. One of hisfriends noticed and said "You should have made it" He did not reply .He just wished them. He stoodthere even after he could no longer see the train orthe waving hands. It was June 1962 in the mysore city.Yet he stood there motionless. He said to himslef ,without anger or jealously,"All students from the IIT's study well and do bigthings in life. But it is not the institution,ultimately it is you and you alone who can changeyour life by hard work". This son of a school teacher became a pioneer ofIndia's software industry.He is none other thanInfosys founder and present Chairman ,NarayanaMurthy.His motto being ,"Powered by intellect ,Drivenby Values".

This extract was quite impressive and i felt must be read by u people.let me know if u like this kinda stuff so that i can send u some moreRead on....Sudha Murthy, author and wife of Infosys Chairman Narayana Murthy, tellsthestory of how Infosys was born and how her life has changed... yetremainedvery much the same.I was in Pune that I met Narayana Murthy through my friend Prasanna, who isnow the Wipro chief, who was also training in Telco. Murthy was shy,bespectacled and an introvert. When he invited us for dinner, I was abit taken aback... I refused since I was the only girl in the group. ButMurthy was relentless and we all decided to meet for dinner the next day at7.30 pm at Green Fields Hotel on Pune's Main Road. The next day, I went there atseven since I had to go to the tailor near the hotel. And what do I see?Mr. Murthy waiting in front of the hotel and it was only seven. Till today, Murthy maintains that I had mentioned (consciously!) that I would begoingto the tailor at seven, so that I could meet him... And I maintain thatIdid not say any such thing, consciously or subconsciously, because I didnot think of Murthy as anything other than a friend at that stage. We haveagreed to disagree on this matter.Soon, we became friends. Our conversations were filled with Murthy'sexperiences abroad and the books that he had read. My friends insistedthat Murthy was trying to impress me because he was interested in me. I kept denying it till one day, after dinner, Murthy said, I want to tell yousomething. I knew this was it. It was coming. He said, I am 5'4" tall. Icome from a lower middleclass family. I can never become rich. You arebeautiful, bright, and intelligent and you can get anyone you want. Butwill you marry me? I asked him to give me some time.When I went to Hubli, I told my parents about Murthy and his proposal.My mother was positive since Murthy was also from Karnataka, seemedintelligent and came from a good family. But my father asked, "What's his job, his salary, his qualifications, etc?" Murthy was working as a researchassistantand earning less than me. He was willing to go Dutch with me on ouroutings.My parents agreed to meet him in Pune on a particular day at 10 amsharp. Murthy did not turn up. How can I trust a man to take care of mydaughter ifhe cannot keep an appointment, asked my father. At 12 noon, Murthy turned upin a bright red shirt! He had gone on work to Bombay, got stuck in a trafficjam in the ghats, so he hired a taxi (though it was very expensive for him)to meet his would-be father-in-law. Father was unimpressed.He asked Murthy what he wanted to become in life. Murthy said he wantedto become a politician in the Communist Party and wanted to open anorphanage.My father gave his verdict. No. I don't want my daughter to marrysomebodywho wants to become a communist and then open an orphanage when he himselfdoesn't have money to support his family.By this time, I realized I had developed a liking towards Murthy, whichcould only be termed as love. I wanted to marry him because he was anhonestman. I promised my father that I would not marry Murthy without hisblessings, though at the same time, I would not marry anybody else. Myfather said he would agree if Murthy promised to take up a steady job.But Murthy refused, saying he would not do things in life because somebodywanted him to. I was caught between the two most important people in mylife. The stalemate continued for three years, during which our courtship took us to every restaurant and cinema hall in Pune.Murthy was always broke. (Ironically, today, he manages InfosysTechnologiesLtd, one of the world's most reputed companies.) He always owed memoney. Weused to go for dinner and he would say, I don t have money with me, you paymy share, will return it to you later. For three years, I maintained a bookof Murthy's debts to me. No, he never returned the money and I finally toreit up after our wedding. The amount was a little over Rs.4,000. During this period, Murthy quit his job as a research assistant and started his ownsoftware business.Towards the late'70s computers were entering India in a big way. At thefagend of 1977, Murthy decided to take up a job as General Manager at PatniComputers in Bombay. But before he joined the company, he wanted tomarry mesince he was to go on training to the US after, joining. My father gaveinas he was happy Murthy had a decent job, now. We were married inMurthy'shouse in Bangalore on February 10, 1978, with only our two familiespresent.I got my first silk sari. The wedding expenses came to only Rs 800, withMurthy and I pooling in Rs 400 each.I went to the US with Murthy after marriage. He encouraged me to seeAmericaon my own, because I loved traveling. I toured America for three monthswitha backpack. In 1981,Murthy wanted to start Infosys. Initially, I wasveryapprehensive about him getting into business. We were living acomfortablelife in Bombay with a regular paycheck and I didn't want to rock theboat.But Murthy was passionate about creating good quality software. Idecided tosupport him. Typically for Murthy, he had a dream and no money. So Igavehim Rs 10,000 which I had saved for a rainy day without his knowledgeandtold him, this is all I have. Take it. I will take care of the financialneeds of our house. You go and chase your dreams. But you have onlythreeyears!Murthy and his six colleagues started Infosys in 1981. In 1982, I leftTelcoand moved to Pune with Murthy. We bought a small house on loan, whichalsobecame the Infosys office. I was a clerk-cum-cook-cum-programmer. I alsotook up a job as Senior Systems Analyst with the Walchand group ofIndustries to support the house.In'83, Infosys got their first client, MICO, in Bangalore. Murthy movedtoBangalore and stayed with his mother, while I went to Hubli to delivermysecond child, Rohan. Ten days after my son was born, Murthy left for theUSon project work. I saw him only after a year - my son had infantileeczema.It was only after Rohan received all his vaccinations that I came toBangalore where we rented a small house in Jayanagar and rented anotherhouse as Infosys headquarters. Nandan Nilekani and his wife Rohinistayedwith us. While Rohini babysat my son, I wrote programmes for Infosys. There was no car, no phone, just two kids and a bunch of us workinghard,juggling our lives and having fun while Infosys was taking shape. Thewivesof other partners too, gave their unstinting support. We all knew thatourmen were trying to build something good.Murthy made it very clear that it would either be me or him working atInfosys. Never the two of us together. He did not want a husband andwifeteam at Infosys. I was shocked since I had the relevant experience andtechnical qualifications. He said, "Sudha if you want to work withInfosys,I will withdraw happily". I was pained to know that I would not beinvolvedin the company my husband was building and that I would have to give upajob that I was qualified to do and loved doing.Then, I realized that to make Infosys a success, one had to give 100 percent. One had to be focused on it alone, with no other distractions. Ifthetwo of us had to give 100 percent to Infosys, what would happen to ourhomeand our children? I opted to be a homemaker; after all, Infosys wasMurthy'sdream. It was a big sacrifice, but it was one that had to be made. Eventoday, Murthy says, "Sudha, I stepped on your career to make mine. Youareresponsible for my success."I might have given up my career for my husband's sake, but that does notmake me a doormat. Isn't freedom about living your life the way you wantit?What is right for one person might be wrong for another. It is up to theindividual to make a choice that is effective in her life. I believethatwhen a woman gives up her right to choose for herself, that is when shecrosses over from being an individual to a doormat. Murthy's dreams encompassed not only himself, but also a generation ofpeople. It was about creating something worthy, exemplary and honorable.Itwas about creation and distribution of wealth. His dreams were granderthanmy career plans, in all aspects. So, when I had to choose betweenMurthy'scareer and mine, I opted for what I thought was the right choice. We hadahome and two little children. Somebody had to take care of it all.Somebodyhad to stay behind to create a home base that would be fertile forhealthygrowth, happiness, and more dreams to dream. I became that somebodywillingly.I can confidently say that if I had had a dream like Infosys, Murthywouldhave given me his unstinted support. The roles would have been reversed.Weare not bound by the archaic rules of marriage. He does not intrude into mytime, especially when I am writing my novels. He does not interfere inmywork at the Infosys Foundation and I don't nterfere with the running ofInfosys. I teach computer science to MBA and MCA students at ChristCollegefor a few hours every week and I earn around Rs 50,000 a year. I valuethisfinancial independence greatly, though there is no need for me to pursueacareer. Murthy respects that. I travel the world without him, because hehates traveling. We trust each other implicitly. We have anotherunderstanding too. While he earns the money, I spend it mostly throughcharity.The Infosys Foundation was born in 1997 with the sole objective ofupliftingthe less-privileged sections of society. In the past three years, wehavebuilt hospitals, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, school buildings,science centres and more than 3,500 libraries. Our work is mainly in therural areas amongst women and children. I am one of the trustees of theFoundation, and our activities span six states. I travel to around 800villages constantly. Every year, we donate around Rs 5-6 crores. We runInfosys Foundation the way Murthy runs Infosys - in a professional andscientific way. Philanthropy is a profession and an art. It can be used or misused.Everyyear, we receive more than 10,000 applications for donations. Every day,Ireceive more than 120 calls. Amongst these, there are those whogenuinelyneed help and there are hoodwinkers too. Over the years, I have learnttodifferentiate the wheat from the chaff, though I still give all thecases apatient hearing. Sometimes, I feel I have lost the ability to trustpeople.I have become shrewder to avoid being conned. I think that is the pricethatI have to pay for the position I am in now.The greatest difficulty in having money is to teach your children itsvalue.Bringing up children in a moneyed atmosphere is a difficult task. Eventoday, I think twice if I have to spend Rs 10 on an auto when I can walktomy house. I cannot expect my children to do the same. They have seenmoneyfrom the time they were born. But we can lead by example.
When they seeMurthy wash his own plate after eating and clean the two toilets in thehouse every day they realize that no work is demeaning, irrespective ofhowrich you are. This doesn't mean we expect our children to live anausterelife.My children buy what they want, go where they want, but they have tofollowcertain rules. They have to show me bills for whatever they buy: Mydaughtercan buy five new outfits, but she has to giveaway five old ones. My soncango out with his friends for lunch or dinner, but we discourage him fromgoing to a five star hotel. Or we accompany him. My children haven'tgivenme any heartbreak. My daughter is studying abroad, my son in Bangalore.Theydon't use their father's name in vain. They only say that his name isMurthyand that he works for Infosys. They don't want to be recognized andappreciated because of their father or me, but for themselves.I don't feel guilty about having money, for we have worked hard for it.ButI don't feel comfortable flaunting it. It is a conscious decision on ourpart to live a simple, so-called middle class life. We live in the sametwo-bedroom, sparsely furnished house we lived in before Infosys becameasuccess. Our only extravagance is buying books and CDs. My house has nolockers for I have no jewels. I wear a pair of stone earrings, which Ibought in Bombay for Rs 100. I don't even wear my `mangalsutra` unless Ineed to attend some family functions or when I am with my mother-in-law.Five years ago, I went to Kashi, where tradition demands that you givesomething up. I gave up shopping. Since then, I haven't t bought myselfasari or gone shopping. I don't carry a purse and neither does Murthy,mostof the time. I borrow money from my secretary or my driver if I needcash.They know my habit, so they always carry extra cash with them. But Isettlethe accounts every evening. Murthy and I are very comfortable with ourlifestyle and we don't see the need to change it now that we have money.Murthy and I are two opposites that complement each other. Murthy issensitive and romantic in his own way. He always gifts e books addressed'From Me to You. Or' To the person I most admire' etc. We both lovebooks. Iam an extrovert and he is an introvert. I love watching movies andlisteningto classical music. Murthy loves listening to English classical music. Igoout for movies with my students and secretary every other week. I amtillyoung at heart. I really enjoyed watching 'Kaho Na Pyaar Hai'; I am aHithikRoshan fan. It has been more than 20 years since Murthy and I went for amovie. My daughter once gave us a surprise by booking ticketsfor'Titanic'.Since I had a prior engagement that day, Murthy went for the movie withhissecretary Pandu. I love traveling, whereas Murthy loves spending time athome.Friends come and go with the share prices. Even in my dreams, I did notexpect Infosys to grow the way it has. After Infosys went public in1993, webecame what people would call rich, moneyed people. Suddenly, you seeandhear about so much money: People talk about you. It was all-new to me. Have I lost my identity as a woman, in Murthy's shadow? No, I might beMrs.Narayana Murthy. I might be Akshata and Rohan's mother. I might bethetrustee of Infosys Foundation. But I am still Sudha. Like all women, Iplaydifferent roles. That doesn't mean we don't have our own identity. Womenhave that extra quality of adaptability and learn to fit into differentshoes. But we are our own selves still. And we have to exact our freedombymaking the right choices in our lives, dictated by us and not by theworld.

This mail i got it from my clique and was personally acknowledged by Narayan Murthy sir