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The Intangible & Amazing friendship

"Good friends are hard to find difficult to leave and impossible to forget".
Friends mean a loot in everyone's life and play a vital role too.They are the elixer of our lives that makes us go around,brightning our lives & bringing sparkle to our eyes.Have a good friend in life and life is like "Bed of roses".But a strain somewhere will make matters worse.It is a very fragile relation.When u have them u feel heaven but when u don't :(( .
Not only do friends awaken the best within us,they also arouse our sense of friendliness-A friend's friend is a friend(An enemy's enemy is friend too;) jk)
It is an absolutely unique relationship,strengthening with passage of time and withstanding all tests of time.Celebrated all over the world on First Sunday of August,the origin is unclear.The U.S Congress sanctioned National Friendship day in 1935 as a special day to honour and celebrate friendships.In 1997,the U.N named Winnie The Pooh as the world's Friends…

nicest ones ever seen!!!


Happy Independence day!!!

Happy Independence Day!!!
I salute all the great people who sacrificed their lives for our country :)
Iam proud to be an Indian!!!!

Rainbow~The harbinger of happiness!!!:)

Once upon a time,The colors of the world Started to quarrel.All claimed they were the best,The most important,The most useful,the favourite.
"GREEN" said, "Clearly Iam the most important..... Iam the sign of life and of hope; I was chosen for graves,trees and leaves, Without me,all animals would die; Look over the countrysideAnd you will see that Iam in the majority."
"BLUE" interrupted, "You only think about Earth, But consider the sky and the sea... It is the water that is the basis of life And it is drawn up by the clouds from the deep sea; The sky gives space and peace and serenity, Without my peace,you would be nothing."
"YELLOW" chuckled, "you are all serious... I bring laughter,gaiety,and warmth into the world,The sun,the moon and the stars are all yellow; Every time you look at a sunflower, The whole world starts to smile, Without me there would be no fun."
"ORANGE" started next to blow her trumpet...."Iam …

Celebrating the Monsoon

Monsoon in India comes laden with a myriad moods and connotations,poetry,floods,fertility art and affection woven in the colors of Rainbow.It is a time when the sky is heavily overcast and rolls of thunder growl threateningly and its grippling aura suggests a sombre depth.
When it rains there is sheer of joy.The pall of gloom that has enveloped disappears totally rejuvenating spirits.It welcomes festivals after the somnolent summers with a sense of elation engulfying inner nerves and perking up my senses.
Raining cats and dogs??not the whacky movie where cats & dogs slug it out with eachother remainding of the war of worlds in a way.
Iam not talking about the torrential rains that brought shudders to Mumbaikars leaving melancholic and damp neither the sapping humidity.This is all about rain that has been falling from skies now that South West monsoon has firmly ensconced itself .If you are peeking at the incessant pitter patter from a window struck high you really are not doing anyth…

Corn Club~~~my unusual Saturday

This Saturday was quite awesome and eventful for me!!!i thought i lost consistency in updating my blog but was wrong. iam again here to add charm to moi blog:)
njoyed having chat with couple of my close friends having funtime in the afternoon and then with another close friend of mine.all said and done after making some self cooked recipe was allset to leave to my sis dearest Vauhini's place.was Amazing!!!
meeting her n BIL after a real looong time n afterall "home is where the heart is".it is real heaven in my terms.such a peaceful place,giving me umpteen solace with all greenery and fine breeze and ofcourse hospitable people what more do i need.on the way while going it was drizzling and me njoying lil bit of revs up my spirit.
finally after a 1 1/2 hr of journey to Nizampet & endless traffic jam in the peak time reached there.
i had many things in my mind to do after i reach there.My sis is like my best friend more than a sister,precisely Hutch Dog:).wa…

Powered by intellect driven by values!!!Infy rocks

He was short. He was sharp. He was the brightest boy in his class. His seniors would ask him to solve their difficulties in Science. He could have go unnoticed in the crowd, but once you asked him a question relatedto Physics or Maths, there was a spark in his eyes. Hecould Grasp theories of Science faster than the speedof light. He came from a poor but educated family. Hisfather was a high-school teacher and an avid reader ofenglish literature. He, like all the boys int he classwas trying to get admission into some engineeringcollege. The brighter ones wanted to study in heIndian Institutes of Technology, or the IIT's. Therewas an entrance test for IIT.T his boy, along with hisfriends applied to appear for the test. They did nothave any special books or coaching. All these IITaspirants would sit below the shade of a stone mantapclose to chamundi hills in the sleepy town of Mysore.He was a guide for others. While the others struggled to solve problems in the question paper,he woul…