Death Wish

Please hold your thoughts before you come to some conclusion. This post is no way suicidal. Just got bogged down today after missing my train by whiskers to attend one my bestie Mahathi's wedding. This is an aftermath :)

Kalpana's blog post inspired me to mull over the subject of death.  I try to emulate her and subscribe to her opinions. Copied her post title blatantly for lack of my creative thinking.

If I knew I would die in some days/weeks, I wish to lavishly spend all my savings travelling extensively. Idyllic Switzerland is one of my favourite destinations, thanks to Sound of Music climax which made me fall in love with Europe (I can see you wondering if I don't want to leave anything for my children/grand children). If I am all dandy I wish to trek during the course or relax in God's own country Kerala.

Having lost Priya to Leukemia and Bala Attimber to Kidney failure (miss you guys) I wish any iota of money left (aka Insurance) to be given to organizations which accommodate people with such ailments or research institutes which work on these subjects. Whatever parts can be utilized in me be given to needy. I have already registered for eye donation with Narayan Netralaya and likewise wish other parts be donated as well.

I don't have a great fashion sense. My cousins, friends or sister can pick the ones they like or best give all the clothing, footware to any orphanage.

Gadgets that are good enough to hand over be given to Make a wish foundation. The plethora of novels that I have be given to my friends Sathish Chandran, Sathish Ganeshan, Kavya and Bhaswati. Hope you guys circulate it amongst your friends.Swaminathan gets to keep the Malgudi days collection. Naveen Chander and Karthik gets to keep all technical books (even if you don't want to). I wish Swati  to have my unbrittled  imitation jewelery. Shiv to get my car ( If I get to own one)

Mom gets to keep my gold jewelry for I know how much she struggled to get them for me. Dad, I don't know what to leave behind for you but I know of nothing materialistic to be given to you. Sister, you get all my crockery sets.

I wish my greeting cards be preserved by Karthik. I cherish each of them gifted by friends and family. Please don't discard them even if you don't believe in them.

Dad, don't make every one go through the elaborate rituals and performing monthly or annual ceremony. May be you can give that amount to any temple you wish to.

For all my folks who love me I would say 'Life goes on, no matter what'. Don't spend too much of your energy crying or thinking about me. Think of all the joyful moments we have had and share your stories. Take care of my pets if I get to tame a few. Please don't have a portrait (mugshot?) of me hung in your room and make yourself miserable.

Dig for all the snaps we have been in. Make collage of them with some graffiti's and recollect the incidents whenever you look at them.

Adios amigos! 


guilt said…
The best part about a searchable will is you can cut to the chase and see what you're getting. Tech books and greeting cards - in this case. It's better than waiting anxiously for the lawyer to read it and go screaming :D
Kavya said…
Hey Vaish,

I see how colorful and cute your world is right now :) may it always be that way :)

take care, keep smiling :)

And for the first time i dont wish to get my share of goodies !


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